Sohight’s new tune


Riding high on the success of their, frankly awesome, ‘High School’ EP for Kiez Beats, Russian duo Sohight has dropped a new free track, ‘My Lovin’’

‘My Lovin’’ is just the kind of top-quality SynthWave with a Disco twist we’ve come to expect from these guys in the past few months. The squelchy bassline just oozes Funk which the shimmering, think, retro synths work their sweet sweet magic. With this track Sohight have managed to fall neatly into a very hard place for producers to reach, that spot with the rousing nostalgia of SynthWave and the dancefloor energy of Electro-House, without falling too far one way or the other and without loosing the groove.

Sohight – My Lovin’

‘High School’ is out 13th April and also includes a reMix from Kreap.

Buy Sohight’s music from:

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