More reMixes of The Tapeaters’ ‘Don’t You Dare’


In addition to the already posted Silenx reMix, Russian ElectroPop duo have dropped a bunch of new reMixes of their track ‘Don’t You Dare’ The Tapeaters.

First up fellow Russians Sohight deliver a funky ‘80’s inspired version with a nice Moog Funk bass and big retro sounds that have The Tapeaters sounding a little like Tesla Boy. There’s some amazing electronic music coming out of Russia right now and Sohight are another name to watch. Spanish producer Nelue’s take on the track starts off as a  slick exercise in Disco Funk but soon evolves into a bright, shimmering, quite classic sounding ElectroPop track with some really emotive synths.

The Tapeaters – Don’t You Dare (Sohight reMix)

The Tapeaters – Don’t You Dare (Nelue reMix)

The Tapeaters’ album ‘Visions’ is out now.

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