[Audio] Auxiliary Tha Masterfader’s ‘Music For Discotheques’ EP



We’ve had a couple of sneaky peaks at Dutch Disco don Auxiliary Tha Masterfader’s new EP, Music For Discotheques, but the EP was released today so now we can get a better look at the chunky release. We say chunky because this is a packed EP, six tracks, four originals from Aux and two reMixes, the previously posted Phunktastike reMix and a storming tune from Worship.

The EP leads with Rule The Night, which featured vocals from Kiss The Panther’s Steve Kimber, which kicks off proceedings in fine fashion. Rule The Night is an exotic cocktail of bouncing Italo bass, vintage Disco keys and huge, dramatic, vocals. A rousing call-to-arms for Disco lovers, Rule The Night takes you down the backstreets of the genre to the best parties. One of the EP’s other highlights is the driving space Italo of Manhattan 78. Bordering on EBM with it’s unrelenting arpeggiated bassline, Manhattan 78 tempers this urgency with lush synths and magical lead lines making the track both powerful and beautiful. Alongside these, and the previously heard Sweaty Disco Night and Phunktastike’s version of Rule The Night is the 70s synth Disco groove of Ride Wit Tha Funk and Swiss Dreamwaver Worship’s take on Sweaty Disco Night. Worship combines his hazy cosmic synths and Aux’s dirty Disco for some serious Cosmic Disco with a touch of Moog Funk. Music For Discotheques is a loaded EP with enough to keep you happy for ages.

♫ Auxiliary Tha Masterfader (Feat. Steve Kimber) – Rule The Night

♫ Auxiliary Tha Masterfader – Manhattan 78

♫ Auxiliary Tha Masterfader – Sweaty Disco Night (Worship reMix)

Auxiliary Tha Masterfader’s Music For Discotheques EP is out now.

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Moullinex reMixes Sohight & Cheevy


We introduced you last week to Russian funketeers Sohight & Cheevy’s new single, Travel Anthem. Well it was released yesterday on On The Fruit Records and came loaded with this hypnotic reMix from Nu-Disco genius Moullinex.

Moullinex’s take on Travel Anthem rides on an infectious bassline that is just funky enough to stick in your head but not so frantic that it overpowers the tune. Using an catchy piano riff and interesting use of the vocals Moullinex has crafted a track that you can loose yourself in. the rest of the tune is made up of Moullinex’s quirky Disco sense of humour, all plopping and pinging percussion. More cowbell anyone?

♫ Sohight & Cheevy – Travel Anthem (Moullinex reMix)

Sohight & Cheevy’s Travel Anthemis out now.

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Sohight & Cheevy’s ‘Travel Anthem’

Sohight & Cheevy

Hot on the heels of his recent On The Fruit Records release, Fonk, Russian Disco don Sohight is back together with his sometimes partner Cheevy for a swift follow-up. Also destined for On the Fruit next month, it’s Travel Anthem.

Travel Anthem brings Cheevy vocals back to the funk. And Sohight really does keep it funky this time. Big, squelchy Moog basses work telepathically in tandem with some vintage synth stabs to create the prefect storm of retro Boogie and Disco. Add to this Cheevy’s uplifting vocal and you’ve got something completely irresistible. Moullinex provides a reMix for the single too, can’t wait!

♫ Sohight & Cheevy – Travel Anthem (Original mix)

Sohight & Cheevy’s Travel Anthem is released 5th November.

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Sohight’s ‘Fonk’


Russia is bringing the funk once again! After a crop of awesome SynthWave releases with his partner Cheevy, On The Fruit Records have snapped up the new solo offering from St. Petersburg resident Sohight. Fonk is the place where Sohight drops the Electro Boogie, hard.

There just isn’t enough turntablism in Nu-Disco and Boogie these days, we truly believe that, and Sohight redresses the balance with some retro cutting throughout Fonk. the scratching provides  a sweet rhythmic, sampled, accompaniment to Sohight’s thick Moog Funk and soaring synth solos. Fonk ends up being a heroic Frankenstein’s monster made of pieces of Disco, Funk , SynthWave and B-Boy Electro. A boogie monster that’s going to be slaying retro dancefloors.

♫ Sohight – Fonk (Original mix)

Sohight’s Fonk is released 22nd October.

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AXXE’s ‘Sweet Stuff’


Jet setting DiscoPop act AXXE’s ‘Sweet Stuff’ has been knocking around for a while now, as has some of the reMixes, so On The Fruit Records (in their firsts of two big releases this week) have made the smart decision to package them all up in one place, alongside some corking new versions. Won’t you join me for a peek inside?

The original version of the tracks is pure Dance-Pop excellence, with just the right balance between retro sounds and modern dancefloors. Doug’s slick beats and ear for hooks and Stina husky, powerful vocals work together perfectly for some big, but edge, ElectroPop fun. It’s hard to even start on the reMixes with out getting Ride The Universe’s version out the way, we’ve mentioned it before, suffice to say the combination of musicianship, studio skill skill and DJ’s ear amongst the four Riders makes up the perfect production team. If you were in the HR department of a Dreamwave/Nu-Disco corporation then these four skill sets would be the one your would be trying to fill. Dreamtrak is a man with his finger in a lot of ElectroPop pies right now, and his reMix here displays why, with an almost New Order-esque slice of retro SynthPop sprinkled with a hint of Disco. Neon Workout head straight for the dancefloor with their take on the track with a bit of Italo, a bit of EBM and a bit of Disco all finding their way into this rapid-fire mix.

♫ AXXE – Sweet Stuff

♫ AXXE – Sweet Stuff (Ride The Universe reMix)

♫ AXXE – Sweet Stuff (Dreamtrak reMix)

♫ AXXE – Sweet Stuff (Neon Workout reMix)

But that’s not all! But the single and get more reMixes from the likes of Stay Ali, Leon Zane and Arturo!

‘Sweet Stuff’ is out right now!

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T&K’s ‘On Your Hands’ video

Here’s the video for T&K’s ‘On Your Hands’, we checked out their album earlier in the week and were pretty damn impressed.

The clip was directed by monsieurFrancois from the animations of Akinori Oishi, the whole thing is pretty damn cute, if a little surreal.

T&K’s album is out 24th October on On The Fruit Records, until then check them out on SoundCloud.

RüFüS reMix Elizabeth Rose

Elizabeth Rose is an Australian electronic singer/songwriter who makes beautiful, dreamy electronic music in a similar vein to Fever Ray and Björk.

Originally fellow Aussie trio RüFüS set out to reMix Elizabeth’s track ‘Stars Ago’ but ended up in full blown collaboration with the singer who re-recorded her vocals in duet with RüFüS for a more dancefloor oriented track. RüFüS are seriously showing themselves as a force to be reckoned with here, both the production and arrangement in this version are pretty flawless and the sound palette with it’s layers of synth lines that seem to weave in and out of one another, mirroring the duelling vocals, is an electronic music fan’s dream.

Elizabeth Rose – Stars Ago (RüFüS reMix)

Here’s the original tune. It’s a really nice, chilled piece but you can see just how different RüFüS’ version ended up being.

Elizabeth Rose – Stars Ago

RüFüS are gearing up for their forthcoming EP release on On The Fruit Records

Check Elizabeth Rose’s music on SoundCloud.

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You can stop debating if the 90’s are back now. They are. Housquare have made it official.

Actually, Housquare have as much late 80’s House wrapped up in their sound as early 90’s. This is a revival of proper old school Chicago house with heaps of Acid and heaps of Soul. On The Fruit Records are playing their cards close to their chest with this one but if you miss orchestral stabs and burbling Acid badsslines the you’ll be wanting to pay attention to Housquare with interest!

♫ Housquare – Chicago (Original mix)

Keep your ears peeled!

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Audionite’s ‘Don’t Make Me!’ EP

Here’s something to shake off the midweek cobwebs, some dirty Electro-House courtesy of the bros at On The Fruit Records.

Their latest offering is a new EP by Berlin based producer Audionite, ‘Don’t Make Me!’. The title track alone is a hypnotic slice of deep and heavy Electro that completely controls you. There’s a touch of 90’s techno, even a touch of the Industrial about it, as it forces all kinds of chaotic noise to conform to a funky Electro-House jam. ‘Kosmonauta’ lives up to it’s name with more of a spacey, cosmic vibe. A floating electronic respite from the in your face sounds of the rest of the EP.

Audionite – Don’t Make Me!

Audionite – Kosmonauta

Audionite’s ‘Don’t Make Me!’ EP is out 13th December.

Audionite @ Beatport

Audionite @ Juno

Audionite @ Amazon

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