Sohight reMix Enterprise


Russian duo Sohight are on a roll right now, their couple of releases have been total jams and they are carving a nice little groove for them selves in the Disco tinged retro synth arena. Now they are lending their reMixing skills to Mexican producer Enterprise’s new single ‘Stages’.

‘Stages’ is a huge slice of deep Funk and Disco from Nico Raibak with an absolute killer bassline, a massive analog groove. The kind of bassline that sounds like Optimus Prime and Megatron fighting at Studio 54. Real apocalyptic Disco stuff. Squealing Korg synths and lush retro chords power over the track, it truly is a juggernaut of Disco. Doing anything to it is a tough job, Sohight are brave Dudes! their reMix smoothes things out a little, whilst the original smacks you in the face with Disco, Sohight gently wipes off the blood with their Boogie. Built around a slick Disco lick and some warbling synths. Sohight bring a little sext back to the dancefloor after Enterprise has brutalised it.

Enterprise – Stages (Sohight reMix)

Enterprise – Stages

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