Sgreyes Vs. Quasars

Sgreyes Vs. Quasars

Russia is at it again, leading the way in retro SynthWave with a Italo and Disco twist. Right here sees Russian newcomer Sgreyes teaming up with one of the best Russian producers of recent years Quasars, for a pumping, Robocop sampling, Shocking Facts.

Resting on a nice FM bassline, Shocking Facts is all bright, shimmering synths and twisting lead lines. Driven by an robotic dancefloor groove, Sgreyes and Quasars brew up just the right mix of Italo’s synth bass driven dancefloor power and SynthWave’s floating 80s soundtrack sheen. Capturing the perfect 80s electronic feel, Sgreyes Vs. Quasars make a pretty unbeatable team.

Sgreyes Vs. Quasars – Shocking Facts

Check out more from Sgreyes on SoundCloud.

Quasars’ new track


Here’s a new tune from one of our favourite Russian SynthWave producers right now, Quasars.

Leading the way in the exploding Russian retro synth scene, Quasars had dropped so many good tunes lately and ‘Pong’ is no exception. After a rousing intro of building chords and shimmering lead synths the track take you on a journey through retro synth awesomeness. As big and sweeping as a SynthWave track should be, emotional in a way that you can really connect with but full of post-Italo dancefloor goodness too. Really nice build for the middle eight too!

♫ Quasars – Pong

Check out more from Quasars on SoundCloud.

Quasars ‘80’s Muscle’


One of our favourite Russian producers, and one we have featured a lot on the past few months, Quasars, has dropped a brand new retro tune.

‘80’s Muscle’ is seriously epic, a word that gets thrown around a lot, but this track really epitomises epicness. It’s rousing, inspirational, synthesizer soundtrack stuff with a slow Sci-Fi build that layers different electronic melodies until the power chords kick in. That’s when things get properly fist pumping. Quasars is fast becoming cream of the crop when it comes to Russian SynthWave.

Quasars – 80’s Muscle

Check out more from Quasars on SoundCloud.

We Are Russians!


We just commented last week about how much good stuff there is coming out of Russia these days, and to prove it website/label/community WeAreRussians have released a free compilation of Russian electronic artists.

The whole eighteen track album is top quality, practically every track is a winner and whilst the collection keeps quite a retro synth feel is spans quite a few styles. Lovinsky, represented here both alone and partnered with Quasars and Sohight are all artists we’ve featured before, highlighting their slick Dreamwave and Nu-Disco sounds and they sit on the album alongside new-to-us acts like Ziroberto and Valotihkuu who bring a more Funky side and some soundtrack atmospheres respectively. From these SynthWave sounds to epic Electro-House and introspective Indie-Electro WeAreRussians volume one just reinforces out opinion that Russia is definitely one of the places to look to for the next big synth acts.

Lovinsky – Dreamcatcher

Quasars And Lovinsky – Made In The 80’s

Sohight – Boys (Original Mix)

Ziroberto – The Future

Valotihkuu – Travelling

You can download the whole album on WeAreRussians’ SoundCloud.

Quasars And Lovinsky’s new tune

Quasars And Lovinsky

Russian producers Quasars and Lovinsky have teamed up again for another of their smooth retro synth workouts.

Heavy on the movie samples (1984’s Danceploitation flix ‘Heavenly Bodies’ (yes, I did just invent the movie genre Danceploitation)) and shimmering synth sounds this mid-paced burned is full of cinematic emotion played out on lush electronic sounds. These two are really starting to shine a light on the Russian SynthWave scene and make good standard bearers for their contemporaries.

Quasars And Lovinsky – Aerowave

Check out more from Quasars And Lovinsky on their SoundClouds.

Quasars And Lovinsky

Quasars and Lovinsky, two Russian producers who have teamed up for this retro Italo extravaganza!

From the opening chords and electro toms this track is doing exactly what it says on the tin. Pure ‘80’s Italo goodness, all power FM bassline and lush, if slightly melancholy,  chords. But that mixture of melancholy and bouncy dance music actually perfectly invokes the atmosphere of the era. Quasars and Lovinsky are two relatively new names, but if you like your SynthWave Italo flavoured I’d keep an eye on them.

♫ Quasars And Lovinsky – Made In The ‘80’s

Check out more from Quasars And Lovinsky on their SoundClouds.