[Audio] Sohight & Cheevy’s ‘Shine With Me’


Sohight & Cheevy

Russian Nu-Disco duo Sohight & Cheevy have been quite the past few months, but it sounds like they have been hard at work working on new material. Not only working on new material, but cultivating a new, fuller, big band sound; as displayed on their brand new tracks, Shine With Me. This one is pretty huge.

Sohight & Cheevy sound like they are backed by a full orchestra on Shine With Me. It’s an amazingly full track, bristling with DiscoPop goodness. Cheevy’s falsetto vocals belt out over a symphony of thick synths, a powerful horn section, a hint of piano and a deep warbling bass. The track is currently unsigned, something someone needs to rectify pretty sharpish and this one could tear up the dancefloor in the right hands.

♫ Sohight & Cheevy – Shine With Me

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[Audio] Sohight & Cheevy’s ‘Night Ride’


Sohight & Cheevy

Taken from their, as yet unannounced, forthcoming new EP, Night Ride is the new tune from Russian Nu-Disco duo Sohight & Cheevy. These guys have been quietly tearing up the Nu-Disco scene for a while now, definitely on the radar of those in the know (as much of the Russian’s Nu-Disco and Dreamwave output is). Bringing a little classic late 70s DiscoPop vibe back to modern Disco dancefloors, Sohight & Cheevy’s new tune is set to be an instant hit with retro groove fans.

Raised up an a heady mix of old synths, smooth saxophone and Cheevy’s genre perfect (and occasionally Bee Gees) vocals, Night Ride is an immediately catchy slice of nostalgic Disco goodness. The quality of the songwriting and production is right up there with the best in the field. These guys are true underground competitors to the likes of Chromeo and Tesla Boy , the music is just that good. If you like your Disco with a slick vocal, an irresistible bassline and waves of fluid vintage synth lines then you definitely need to check out Sohight & Cheevy’s new one.

♫ Sohight & Cheevy – Night Ride

Sohight & Cheevy’s new EP is out soon.

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Moullinex reMixes Sohight & Cheevy


We introduced you last week to Russian funketeers Sohight & Cheevy’s new single, Travel Anthem. Well it was released yesterday on On The Fruit Records and came loaded with this hypnotic reMix from Nu-Disco genius Moullinex.

Moullinex’s take on Travel Anthem rides on an infectious bassline that is just funky enough to stick in your head but not so frantic that it overpowers the tune. Using an catchy piano riff and interesting use of the vocals Moullinex has crafted a track that you can loose yourself in. the rest of the tune is made up of Moullinex’s quirky Disco sense of humour, all plopping and pinging percussion. More cowbell anyone?

♫ Sohight & Cheevy – Travel Anthem (Moullinex reMix)

Sohight & Cheevy’s Travel Anthemis out now.

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Sohight & Cheevy’s ‘Travel Anthem’

Sohight & Cheevy

Hot on the heels of his recent On The Fruit Records release, Fonk, Russian Disco don Sohight is back together with his sometimes partner Cheevy for a swift follow-up. Also destined for On the Fruit next month, it’s Travel Anthem.

Travel Anthem brings Cheevy vocals back to the funk. And Sohight really does keep it funky this time. Big, squelchy Moog basses work telepathically in tandem with some vintage synth stabs to create the prefect storm of retro Boogie and Disco. Add to this Cheevy’s uplifting vocal and you’ve got something completely irresistible. Moullinex provides a reMix for the single too, can’t wait!

♫ Sohight & Cheevy – Travel Anthem (Original mix)

Sohight & Cheevy’s Travel Anthem is released 5th November.

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