[Download] Birdee reMixes Reset!’s ‘Shake The Party’



It’s looks like it’s Reset! part time over at Mofo Hi-Fi/Heavy Disco HQ these days. First we were treated to DiscoSocks’ rendition of Reset!’s I Need You and now we’ve got London producer Birdee’s storming version of the Erick Sermon (That’s E-Double, from EPMD, to the grown-ups) featuring Shake The Party. This one deserves to be played loud.

What Birdee has done here, is looked at Gesaffelstein’s recent EBM-in-disguise singles and gone ‘yeah, they sound good, but they’re not much fun are they?’ and imagined a world where Gesaffelstein liked to get down on the dancefloor with the ladies, rather than marching across a post-apocalyptic wasteland with robots of a dubious political persuasion. OK, so Birdee might not have done that, but the end result is the same. Tough arpeggios, noisy synths and distorted blips and zaps all present and correct. But wait, there’s more, Birdee also brings a truck load of funk to the table making those machine riffs submit to the power of the groove. This is powerhouse Disco at it’s most compelling.

Reset! (Feat. Erick Sermon) – Shake The Party (Birdee reMix)

Reset!’s Shake The Party is out now.

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[Audio] DiscoSocks reMixes Reset!’s ‘I Need You’



Reset!’s I Need You was one of the big songs of the summer, big grinding Electro-House with a Disco soul. It occasionally veered a little too far of the Turbofunk path into American ‘EDM’ territory, but on the whole was a slamming tune. So, a few months later here’s London bass jockey DiscoSocks to smooth over the tracks rough edges and reel it back into a dancefloor fun arena. It’s part of the official reMix package that was released this weekend. Get on-board.

DiscoSocks morphs the aggressive growl of the original into a Chromeo-esque slice of slick Disco. Leaning heavily, of course, of the Sock’s awesome bass playing, the track revels in the irresistible bassline running throughout. Layering that with slick Disco licks and heavyweight vintage synths DiscoSocks makes everything, from the hook to the vocals, just that little bit groovier. We just can’t imagine a situation that would prevent you for moving to this one, not even if your dead. If you can’t dance to this one then it may be time to reassess what you’re doing with your life. DiscoSocks really is rising to the top of the London Disco scene.

♫ Reset! – I Need You (DiscoSocks reMix)

Reset!’s I Need You is out now.

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[Audio] Reset! reMixes Ladytron’s ‘Ritual’



ElectroPop legends (yup, I’m pretty sure we can call them that now) Ladytron are working toward a very special Black Friday Record Store Day release this year. November’s celebration of physical media (the second this year) will see the band release a reMix version of their latest album, Gravity The Seducer. Between now and then the band are dropping a couple of reMixes to buy. This version of Ritual from Italian outfit Reset! follows Gosteffects’ Ambulances reMix.

Gravity The Seducer wasn’t Ladytron’s finest moment, and Ritual not one of the album’s standout track either, but Reset! do admirably, turning the Proggy epic into a fairly groovy Disco-House track. The track works best when it deviates from the original significantly, throwing everything from big-room leads to ChipTune chaos into the mix. The end result is an almost French Electro power tune with occasional bouts of swirling guitar breakdowns. We’re definitely looking forward to finding out who else was called up to produce a track for the album, we’ve heard some rumors we’ve got our fingers crossed for.

♫ Ladytron – Ritual (Reset! reMix)

Ladytron’s Gravity The Seducer reMixed is due out in 29th November, Black Friday Record Store Day.

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Fabian X Reset!


We dropped our review of Fabian’ new single ‘Last Flight’ last month, so as the single is released this week we can treat you to the Electro rockin’ Reset! reMix.

The original is such smooth Dreamwave that the Reset! reMix really stands out in contrast. It’s totally a tune to drive the crowd mental, chopping up snatched of the original and throwing them into a pit of funky chainsaw synths. Guaranteed to get you moving..

Fabian – Last Flight (Reset! reMix)

‘Last Flight’ is released this week on Binary Entertainment.

Buy Fabian’s music from:

Reset! and Justin Faust reMix Goldhawks

I’ve never heard of London Soft Rock band Goldhawks before, listening to the tracks on their MySpace they sound a little generic, but you’re not interested in that are you? They have a new single coming out called ‘Keep The Fire’ and it’s backed up with a totally monster reMix package!

Here we have two of the best, Italian Nu-Disco producers Reset! and the always excellent Justin Faust both take, what is essentially a good song, out of the murk of AOR and onto the dancefloor. Reset! completely demolish the original and build it up into an Italo/Balearic deathmatch while Mr. Faust’s epic Dreamwavey mix brushes the track with a bit of French Touch.

Goldhawks – Keep The Fire (Reset! reMix)

Goldhawks – Keep The Fire (Justin Faust reMix)

Also on the single is an electro/Dubstep mix from Bar9 and a chilled mix by Softwar. The whole package is defiantly worth your investigation.

Goldhawks @ 7Digital

Goldhawks @ Amazon

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Fenech-Soler Stop And Stare some more!


Still waiting on the April release of Fenech-Soler’s new single, ‘Stop And Stare’? Us too!

And you can bet your local Indie-Electro dancefloor is gonna’ be on fire when it drops. To tide us all over here’s the Reset! reMix from the forthcoming single. With a huge breakdown, this reMix is like a war between the huge dirty bassline and the space disco synths, and us listeners are the only winner!

Fenech-Soler – Stop And Stare (Reset! reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

‘Stop And Stare’ Drops 19th April on Moda Music

Fenech-Soler @ Beatport

Fenech-Soler @ Juno

Fenech-Soler @ Amazon