The Magician’s ‘I Don’t Know What To Do’ EP


In exactly one months time The Magician unleashes his début solo single, ‘I Don’t Know What To Do’, on Kitsuné Music.

By now you’ve already heard the original track, featuring Jeppe on vocals. It’s got that hypnotic late ‘80’s House piano sound and Jeppe’s anthemic chant combine with thick, lush synths to make a track that will uplift dancefloors worldwide. the EP is chock full of awesomeness too, reMixes come correct from Plastic Plates, Second Date and our boy Fabian. Second Date bring some seriously deep Disco to the table with an almost sub bassline and beach guitar forming the basis for their brand of Disco, and unusual mix definitely. Plastic Plates always come through with the goods and here is no different. Synthetic Electro Disco loaded with my beloved electro toms. PP’s reMix has this slick jazzy synth lead that sets a really nice groove for the track. But it’s the man Fabian who really blows this EP up, starting his track understated with a smoothly building arpeggio that soon gives way to a massive LA Dreamwave track with a booty shaking Funk bass that moves your body while the thick synth chords send your brain to the stratosphere.

♫ The Magician (Feat. Jeppe) – I Don’t Know What To Do (Original)

‘I Don’t Know What To Do’ is released 3rd October on Kitsuné Music.

Buy The Magician’s music from:

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