Fabian’s ‘Last Flight’ EP


Hold the press, the man Fabian is in the house with a brand new single and had brought a ton of funk with him.

The magic music man behind LexiconDon’s solo output has, in the past, swung between straight up Dreamwave and Electro-House but with ‘Last Flight’ Fabian has got the groove like never before. Smooth summery vocal Nu-Disco guaranteed to get the party started and keep it going. It’s a huge track, pretty anthemic too, that’ll have you reaching for the starts. The EP is backed with reMixes from French Horn Rebellion, NightWaves, Reset!, Justin Faust, Lancelot, Douze and Robots For Rayguns. Justin Faust and fellow Binary crew NightWaves, particularly, bring it home with real emotional slices of retro synth while French Horn Rebellion’s reMix introduces an Disco Funk flavour. Reset! works his slammin’ Electro-House sound into the tune and for something a bit smoother Lancelot lays down an awesome synthesizer Disco vibe. More a more SynthPop sound, check out Robots With Rayguns version. There’s something for everybody of this EP. If I hadn’t already heard the EP I would defiantly be waiting in anticipation to hear it, so you really should be!

♫ Fabian – Last Flight

‘Last Flight’ is released 22nd August on Binary Entertainment with Fabian’s début album in September. Keep it locked to electronic rumors for a review of the album later in the week.

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