Fabian Vs. Touch Tone

Fabian Vs. Touch Tone

The change of name seems to have invigorated Touch Tone’s musical output. His début (as Touch Tone) release, Home Away From Home, took everyone by surprise, turning out to be one of the best single of the year and inspiring multiple awesome reMixes. Never one to rest, Mr. Verner has now teamed up with fellow Binary producer, crafter on one of the best Nu-Disco albums in recent years and one part of LexiconDon, Fabian, to drop the massive Soleil Rouge.

If the track needs any explaining, here it is in their own words: “an instrumental soundtrack for the dance floor of a post apocalyptic night club full of neon wearing computer geeks and cyber punks”. Have Fabian and Andrew started frequenting Goth clubs? I’m not sure if this is the usual Industrial hammering that Hollywood would have us believe all clubs will play in the dystopian future, frankly I prefer the Fabian Vs. Touch Tone take on the situation. Soleil Rouge is a huge track with a lead line that stick in your head like glue and some stratospheric soloing. Two of the best producers on the West Coast coming together for tunes like this should happen more often.

Fabian Vs. Touch Tone – Soleil Rouge

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