ComboStar’s ‘Free’


It looks like Parisian Disco duo ComboStar are back for good. After breaking back on the scene earlier this year with the hit and miss ‘Combostella’ EP, ComboStar finally re-find their groove with their new single, again on La Valigetta, ‘Free’.

Featuring Mani Hoffman (the voice if The Supermen Lovers’ classic ‘Starlight’) on vocals ‘Free’ is a big DiscoPop anthem that finds it’s core in squelchy synth Funk bass, a piano hook and a big, full vocal. Poppier than anything on the previous EP, this track has got breakthrough potential, and if that’s not enough the reMix package is pretty stellar. The ‘Club Edit’ of the original works in a little more dancefloor power, make the track even more epic while the singles lad reMix comes from Louis La Roché, who delivers a nice twisted Disco mix. Funk style synths join forces with some soaring lead lines for a heavy slice of Disco with a breezy sheen. Second Date take the track down a deep House route with a real warehouse vibe. It even makes the vocals sound a bit more Chicago. Timo Juuti & Hector 87 fill the huge French Disco quote on the single with an impressive five minutes of boogie which might be the records standout mix. It keeps the song itself intact, but incorporates it into a danceflor destroying slab of cut-up Disco. ComboStar may be about to put out the record to re-insert them into the minds of dance music lovers worldwide.

♫ ComboStar (Feat. Mani Hoffman) – Free (Club Edit)

♫ ComboStar (Feat. Mani Hoffman) – Free (Louis La Roché reMix)

♫ ComboStar (Feat. Mani Hoffman) – Free (Second Date reMix)

♫ ComboStar (Feat. Mani Hoffman) – Free (Timo Juuti & Hector 87 reMix)

‘Free’ is released 26th June on Beatport, 10th July elsewhere.

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Second Date’s ‘Young, Beautiful, Etc…’ video

Second Date’s ‘Young, Beautiful, Etc…’ has been out a while now, but it has finally got itself a video, for those who like that sort of thing.

Directed by Josh Smith, the video is quite simple, but works really well, and looks so nice. Mr. Smith’s camera work and colour palette making the clip a visual treat.

‘Young, Beautiful, Etc…’ is out now on Pschent.

Check out more from Second Date on SoundCloud.

Opus Label One

Opus Label

Last month, new LA based boutique label  Opus Label released their début compilation, ‘Opus Label One’, that treats us to 12 tracks of electronic music that speaks to the heart.

The brainchild of Miguel Angel Jiménez and Jeremy Wineberg, Opus is a project that encompasses a record label, club night and clothing range with ‘Opus Label’ One’ setting out their music manifesto. The first of a series of monthly/bi-monthly compilations, this album is crammed full of some of the sweetest tracks from the past couple of years and some new stuff too. The overall vibe is one of eclectic, introspective and sunk-kissed ElectroPop featuring the likes of Jolie Cherie, Jupiter, The Ice Choir, Joywave, Matt Van Schie, Second Date. With the CD version of the album coming packaged with a gorgeous cover and booklet curated by photographer Dirk Mai, this series looks like one to keep a definite eye on.

♫ Jolie Cherie – Barcelona

♫ Second Date – Young, Beautiful, Etc…

♫ Joywave – Traveling At The Speed Of Light

♫ Matt Van Schie – Journey

The compilation is out now and available on CD from Opus Label’s website or digitally.

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James Curd & Second Date reMix DJ Cam

DJ Cam

Parisian producer DJ Cam is a bout to release the single ‘Uncomfortable’ on Inflammable Records/Studio !K7, a downtempo, dramatic track with an excellent reMix package.

Amongst those featured are James Curd who picks up the tempo and drops the listener onto his robotic dancefloor. The bulk of the reMix is made up of classic House moments but Curd gives them his own unique Electro twist, a real tune for synthesizer lovers. Second Date go the opposite direction on drop a slick late-night slow jam, full of early ‘90’s R&B tropes and a silky smooth vibe.

♫ DJ Cam (Feat. Chris James) – Uncomfortable (James Curd Radio reMix)

♫ DJ Cam (Feat. Chris James) – Uncomfortable (Second Date reMix)

‘Uncomfortable’ is out 19th March and also includes a reMix from one of our current favourite acts, Reflex.

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Yelle reMixed by Juveniles & Second Date


Later next month Frances best ElectroPop trio Yelle release a reMix EP of ‘Comme Un Enfant’, from their awesome ‘Safari Disco Club’ album.

Kitsuné’s latest outfit, Juveniles provide the first mix, getting their quirky Indie-Electro vibe on with a bouncy stripped down synth Disco sound played off against stuttery Indie guitars.  Second Date’s take on the track introduces some deep tribal sounds to the track. their version makes for a nice mix between proggy Electro and ElectroPop and a little Tropical flavour.

♫ Yelle – Comme Un Enfant (Juveniles reMix)

Yelle – Comme Un Enfant (Second Date reMix)

The ‘Comme Un Enfant reMixes‘ EP is released 24th October.

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The Magician’s ‘I Don’t Know What To Do’ EP


In exactly one months time The Magician unleashes his début solo single, ‘I Don’t Know What To Do’, on Kitsuné Music.

By now you’ve already heard the original track, featuring Jeppe on vocals. It’s got that hypnotic late ‘80’s House piano sound and Jeppe’s anthemic chant combine with thick, lush synths to make a track that will uplift dancefloors worldwide. the EP is chock full of awesomeness too, reMixes come correct from Plastic Plates, Second Date and our boy Fabian. Second Date bring some seriously deep Disco to the table with an almost sub bassline and beach guitar forming the basis for their brand of Disco, and unusual mix definitely. Plastic Plates always come through with the goods and here is no different. Synthetic Electro Disco loaded with my beloved electro toms. PP’s reMix has this slick jazzy synth lead that sets a really nice groove for the track. But it’s the man Fabian who really blows this EP up, starting his track understated with a smoothly building arpeggio that soon gives way to a massive LA Dreamwave track with a booty shaking Funk bass that moves your body while the thick synth chords send your brain to the stratosphere.

♫ The Magician (Feat. Jeppe) – I Don’t Know What To Do (Original)

‘I Don’t Know What To Do’ is released 3rd October on Kitsuné Music.

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