[Audio] Disclosure’s ‘Apollo’



London duo Disclosure’s acclaimed début album, Settle, is less than six months old and they are already dropping brand new tracks. You would have thought the commercial success of Settle would have seen the guys coasting for a while, but no, they’ve been back in the studio and Apollo is the result.

There’s no vocals here, no collaboration, this a raw, undiluted Disclosure. In a way Apollo feels like Disclosure going back to their roots somewhat. There’s a definite leaning toward the dancefloor of darkened warehouses and strobe lit late night clubs that Radio 1 Roadshows. Hypnotic and ethereal, Apollo, blends a little House, a little Acid, a little Rave, a little Techno and even a little Psy Trance, into one undulating monster. Unrelentingly groovy, this really is one to loose yourself in.

♫ Disclosure – Apollo

Disclosure’s Settle is out now.

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[Audio] Beateria’s ‘Country Business’



Is New Beat coming back? I feel like I’m typing the words ‘New Beat’ a lot these days. Not that I mind, I grew up on the stuff, I had just always thought it was a forgotten genre. But suddenly there is a rash of New Beaty, EBMy, Acidy tunes and events going on. So it feels like there’s a New Beat resurgence happening, maybe because so many Belgian producers are breaking through these days and still feel that influence?

The latest tune to ride the trend comes from Aeroplane, maybe an unlikely source but he is Belgian, who got together in the studio with British producer Bot resulting in the track Country Business under the moniker of Beateria. It’s certainly an 808 fuelled, dirty Acid House, New Beat juggernaut, that’s deep and mysterious an anything else on those strobe lit dancefloors.

♫ Beateria – Country Business

Beateria’s Country Business is released 14th October on AeroPop.

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[Video] Gesaffelstein’s ‘Hate Or Glory’


Gesaffelstein    Hate or Glory   Official Music Video    YouTube

Time to face facts, you can dress it up with platitudes like ‘Techno’ or ‘Electro’ all you want, but Gesaffelstein is an EBM producer. Fact. His tunes take everything EBM was good at, regains everything EBM lost, ditches the crap and makes EBM good again. His latest Acid soaked single, Hate Or Glory (how EBM a title is that?) exemplifies this.

Check out another boundary pushing video from Gesaffelstein. Directed by Fleur & Manu it’s dark, weird and violent.

Gesaffelstein’s album, Aleph is released 28th October.

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[Audio] GotSome’s ‘Bassline’



Bristol House duo GotSome have been racking up some serious radio play in recent months. Their forthcoming début single, Bassline, has not only been championed by both Annie Mac and B.Traits and MistaJam but has also been picked up by Defected for a release later this month. One half of GotSome happens to be Alex from Substatic, so, y’know, at least he’s got an excuse for the lack of Substatic tunes recently.

As moody and atmospheric as it is infectiously danceable, Bassline mixes up a little Chicago, a little Acid and a little Balearic all rolled up in a decidedly UK package. Get Along Gang provide some ear worm vocals that flow with the pumping bassline and retro future keys. There’s a good chance you may have already heard this tune over the summer, and with release date looming it looks set for big things.

♫ GotSome (Feat. Get Along Gang) – Bassline

GotSome’s début EP featruing Bassline, Don’t Want You Back and On Point is released 14th October on Defected.

Check out more from GotSome on SoundCloud.

[Audio] Annie’s ‘Invisible’



It’s another new track from Annie and Richard X’s forthcoming A&R EP. Following Back Together and Hold On this right here is the third taste of what to expect we’ve had so far. It;s also the hardest, and darkest entry in the EP so far, and the most in-your-face early 90s too. The track’s called Invisible, but it’s aggressive dancefloor stylings are anything but.

Right from the offset, Invisible is full-on Acid Rave. Breakbeat style TR-909 drum patterns, twisted TB-303 riffs, distorted Rave organs, this is pure white glove warehouse material. Add to this Annie offering a husky, deadpan vocal delivery, at times pitched down to gender bending extremes, and you have a track that captures the excitement of the early Rave culture whist still serving up something that Annie makes her own. So looking forward to this EP.

♫ Annie – Invisible

Annie’s The A&R EP is out soon.

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[Audio] Classixx reMixes The Preatures’ ‘Is This How You Feel’?’


The Preatures

Getting an airing in yesterday’s Verando mixtape from Goldroom was the sunkist sounds of the new remix from Classixx. Still riding high on the success of their amazing début album, Hanging Gardens, the LA duo have turned their attention to Australian Indie-Pop outfit The Preatures and their new single Is This How You Feel?

The original is quite raucous guitar fuelled nonsense, but in Classixx’s hands it becomes a supremely laid back Acid Disco. we’re dead keen on the recent introduction, from the likes of Goldroom and Classixx, of burbling Acidic 303 lines into chilled Tropical Disco, it makes for a lush summer sound with a little excitement. Both smooth and sleazy. Classixx temper the Acid lines with slick vintage chords and blissful leads with take the vocals from Indie-cool to by-the-pool.

♫ The Preatures – Is This How You Feel? (Classixx reMix)

The Preatures’ Is This How You Feel? is out now.

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[Audio] Yuksek reMixes Château Marmont


Château Marmont

French master Yuksek has been so busy recently. After being relatively quite for a spell, he’s dropped a whole heap or released and reMixes recently, from his awesome Partyfine EP#1 containing the stunning Last Of Our Kinds on his own brand new label, to recent killer reMixes for the likes of C2C and Griefjoy, the man hasn’t stopped this year.

And it doesn’t look like he’s letting up either as he;s straight back in the game with this reMix of Château Marmont’s Wind Blows. Château Marmont have been rocking us since 2009, but it’s only now that they have finally got around to releasing their, long, long awaited début full length record, The Maze, from which this track is taken. It’s a sweeping tune that’s given a typically raw club mix from Yuksek. If you like euphoric piano, twisting 303 Acid lines, and a Disco swagger then you’re in for a treat. Yuksek makes his gritty groove work sweetly with Château Marmont’s vocals. This track got all the Indie-electro slickness of a Marmont track and all the hands-in-the-air rush of a Yuksek track, that;s the best of both worlds right there.

♫ Château Marmont – Wind Blows (Yuksek reMix)

Château Marmont’s The Maze album is out now.

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[Audio] Adapt Or Die’s début EP


Adapt Or Die

We’ve got more stuff now hitting the light of day from new duo Adapt Or Die, who you’ll probably know by now is made up of Tony Mitolo, founding member of The Swiss, and live drummer for PNAU and Empire Of The Sun, and Alex Gooden, also live synth player for PNAU and The Swiss along with Gypsy And The Cat, Bluejuice and Spank Rock. That’s some CV these guys have got so their début release has a lot to live up to. It’s finally released at the end of this month so it’s time to find out.

The double A-side single is made up of Dream Control and Diavola. Dream Control was initially a surprise, we weren’t expecting a massive Retro House juggernaut, but that’s what we got. Blending Chicago warehouse grooves with UK Summer Of Love keys, Dream Control is a hypnotic tune aimed squarely at the dancefloor that still manages to work in a Pop House hook and is easily one of the better House tunes we’ve heard this year. It’s flip side, Diavola, takes things down a deeper, Acid House route. This one’s all about dimly lit backroom dancefloors and strobe lights with a relentless 303 burbling bassline and Pacific State-esque chords. This single is a total nostalgia trip into 1988/89 dance music, but one that will rock contemporary dancefloors effortlessly.

♫ Adapt Or Die – Dream Control

♫ Adapt Or Die – Diavola

Adapt Or Die’s Dream Control/Diavola is released 31st May on Sweat It Out! Music.

Check out more from Adapt Or Die on SoundCloud.

[Audio] Figure Of 8’s new EP


Figure Of 8

Belfast’s finest son, Figure Of 8, has just released a brand new EP. Not only is it the mans first proper release since last year’s acclaimed Bittersweet, but the EP also has the honour of being the inaugural release on Figure Of 8’s newly launched record label, DreamQuest. Promoting some of the best electronic music from Ireland, it;s only fitting that the 001 accolade goes to it’s founder.

The Regenerate EP delivers four tracks of spacey dance music. Figure Of 8’s tunes always have a timeless, genre-less quality to the. With one foot in Disco and the other in House, the rest of Figure Of 8 mills around in places like Acid and Dub. Being Figure Of 8’s first EP, rather than a single, you get a nice scope of styles held within. From the opener, Something In The Trees, with it’s ringing Balearic Minimal groove and warehouse bassline to the Cosmic Italo meets Chicago Beats stylings of The Shining Path the EP wraps the listener in deep electronic soundscapes and shuffling retro rhythms. The moody, pulsating ElectroPop of the Our Krypton Son featuring Fountain Of Youth is one of the EPs highlights, drifting out of the speakers like synthetic smoke. Intricate in it’s crafting, it’s a track that illuminates a new element with every listen. Playing out with the Dubby Garage vibes of Never To Be Seen Again, the Regenerate EP is something that any fan of classic dance music, or electronic music in general should be looking into.

♫ Figure Of 8 – Something In The Trees

♫ Figure Of 8 (Feat.Our Krypton Son) – Fountain Of Youth

♫ Figure Of 8 – The Shining Path

Figure Of 8’s Regenerate EP is out now, you can pick it up here.

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[Audio] Goldroom reMixes Owl Eyes


Owl Eyes

Just as the weather is getting warmer here in the UK, hopefully for good (you can never really tell when summer’s going to start here), Goldroom drops a brand new reMix to soundtrack our forthcoming holiday weekend. Turning his not inconsiderable talents, this time, to Australian singer/songwriter Owl Eyes and a track off her recent début EP, Faces, to be featured on a forthcoming reMix release.

Around the one minute mark, in this reMix, Josh drops an immensely funky little Acid riff that hangs around throughout the tune. Burbling 303s may seem like a departure for the king of Dreamwave but it’s blended so effortlessly into the lush tropical Disco that it sounds perfect. Hypnotic and enticing. This little nod to the warehouse, from the beach, is just enough to give the track the kind of essence that would work just as well under the strobe lights as under the mirrorball. Hazy, summery, dancefloor, gold(room).

♫ Owl Eyes – Jewels & Sapphires (Goldroom reMix)

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