[Audio] Adapt Or Die’s début EP


Adapt Or Die

We’ve got more stuff now hitting the light of day from new duo Adapt Or Die, who you’ll probably know by now is made up of Tony Mitolo, founding member of The Swiss, and live drummer for PNAU and Empire Of The Sun, and Alex Gooden, also live synth player for PNAU and The Swiss along with Gypsy And The Cat, Bluejuice and Spank Rock. That’s some CV these guys have got so their début release has a lot to live up to. It’s finally released at the end of this month so it’s time to find out.

The double A-side single is made up of Dream Control and Diavola. Dream Control was initially a surprise, we weren’t expecting a massive Retro House juggernaut, but that’s what we got. Blending Chicago warehouse grooves with UK Summer Of Love keys, Dream Control is a hypnotic tune aimed squarely at the dancefloor that still manages to work in a Pop House hook and is easily one of the better House tunes we’ve heard this year. It’s flip side, Diavola, takes things down a deeper, Acid House route. This one’s all about dimly lit backroom dancefloors and strobe lights with a relentless 303 burbling bassline and Pacific State-esque chords. This single is a total nostalgia trip into 1988/89 dance music, but one that will rock contemporary dancefloors effortlessly.

♫ Adapt Or Die – Dream Control

♫ Adapt Or Die – Diavola

Adapt Or Die’s Dream Control/Diavola is released 31st May on Sweat It Out! Music.

Check out more from Adapt Or Die on SoundCloud.

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