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We’ve raved about French prodigy Yuksek’s new, Oh Land featuring, single a couple of times, but not yet been able to play you the track itself. Now the single is out, on Yuksek’s own new label Partyfine, the original (and best) mix and Yuksek’s own Club Mix are officially online for your listening pleasure, one of the catchiest singles of the year.

It’s hard to what to say about Last Of Our Kinds, kinda’ needs to be heard. It’s a swirling orchestra of drama and tribal drums. With a piano hook like a 70s musical, complete with “ahhh-ahhh”s and Oh Land’s 60s-esque vocal being the icing on the cake. It’s not your usual Electro track, it’s not your usual Pop track, but it works so well. Yuksek’s club take on the track delivers big beats to go with the quirky infectiousness. Stabby synths and a ton of clap and snare rolls, buzzing basses and deep electronic grooves, make this mix both a dancefloor smash, but quite ecclectic too. If you haven;t already you need to check out this single package right now.

Yuksek (Feat. Oh Land) – Last Of Our Kinds

Yuksek (Feat. Oh Land) – Last Of Our Kinds (Yuksek Club Mix)

Yuksek’s Partyfine EP#1 is released 13th May.

Buy Yuksek’s music from:

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