[Audio] Beateria’s ‘Country Business’



Is New Beat coming back? I feel like I’m typing the words ‘New Beat’ a lot these days. Not that I mind, I grew up on the stuff, I had just always thought it was a forgotten genre. But suddenly there is a rash of New Beaty, EBMy, Acidy tunes and events going on. So it feels like there’s a New Beat resurgence happening, maybe because so many Belgian producers are breaking through these days and still feel that influence?

The latest tune to ride the trend comes from Aeroplane, maybe an unlikely source but he is Belgian, who got together in the studio with British producer Bot resulting in the track Country Business under the moniker of Beateria. It’s certainly an 808 fuelled, dirty Acid House, New Beat juggernaut, that’s deep and mysterious an anything else on those strobe lit dancefloors.

♫ Beateria – Country Business

Beateria’s Country Business is released 14th October on AeroPop.

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[Audio] Body Party’s ‘Theme’


Body Party

Body Party is the new, or old as the case may be, project from Italo cosmonaut, Mild Peril’s Chris Flatline. Apparently originally conceived while Chris was DJing the now legendary Endurance club nights in London (which I guess put’s them around circa 2009-2010-ish), the tracks have been cleaned up and released for the first time to the public under the Body Party Moniker.

You’ll fine two releases on Body Party’s Bandcamp, the lead release being the single, Theme and it’s B-side, P.P.P.T.. Heavily New Beat, with a nod to Italo and a sprinkling of EBM, Theme a pounding beat with just a hint of Industrial purcussion to the Sci-Fi Italo we are used to. This kind of Belgian groove is particularly resonant with us, as we spend a good deal of our teens stomping to sounds like this. Synthetic Disco with a cold heart Theme manages to be both intimidatingly machine–like and and emotionally melodic, just like the best New Beat should. P.P.P.T. leans slightly more toward the EBM end of the spectrum, delivering jackhammer old school basslines and a proto-Acid hypnotic vibe before flipping the switch and sweeping in with some rousing SynthWave soundtrack work, a dangerous combination.

While you;re here, check out Body Party’s other release, available for free it contains two tracks, a brooding, relentless New Beat taken on Yazoo’s Situation and a bizarrely brilliant mash-up of Front 242’s Headhunter and Amnesia’s Ibiza.

♫ Body Party – Theme/Muscles

♫ Body Party – P.P.P.T.

♫ Body Party – New Beat Situation (Extended)

♫ Body Party – Headhunting In Ibiza

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[Video] Goin Old School: Thompson Twins, Celebrate The Nun & Black Box


Goin’ Old School isn’t a trip down music memory lane, it’s a mugging in the dark alleyway of nostalgia:

Fist up, from 1986, Thompson Twins’ King For A Day.

Some New Beat ElectroPop from Celebrate The Nun with 1989’s Ordinary Town

And Black Box with some early funky House Pop from 1989, Everybody Everybody.

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