[Download] Classixx reMix Janet Jackson’s ‘The Pleasure Principle’



The kings of Californian poolside jams, Classixx, have just dropped a brand new reMix, and this one’s a killer. Taking on Janet Jackson’s 1986 single The Pleasure Principle. The track falls somewhere between reMix and Edit as the duo take Shep Pettibone’s mix of The Pleasure Principle (A Cappella) and have their smooth way with it. Sit back in the sun and absorb the results.

Taking all the best bits of the original and sprinkling them with their own brand of chilled Disco, Classixx drop a lazy summertime jam . Bringing the already groove laden tune to a place of contemporary Synth Funk. Whist the track is strewn with retro references, particularly in the buoyant bassline and twisting synth leads, the track sounds bang-up-to-date. Jam, Lewis, Johnson and Moir would be proud. Vibe to this!

Janet Jackson – The Pleasure Principle (Classixx Recovery Mix)

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[Video] Classixx’s ‘A Stranger Love’


Classixx    A Stranger Love   Official Video    YouTube

Californian poolside kings Classixx have put together a new video for their blissful Disco jam A Stranger Love.

Directed by Jordan Michael Blake, the clip follows a young couples adventures in LA.

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[Audio] Classixx reMixes Quadron’s ‘Hey Love’



Not content with putting out one of the albums of the year, Hanging Gardens, Disco duo Classixx have been quietly delivering some of the years best reMixes too. Their latest masterpiece comes in the form of this mix of Danish ElectroPop outfit Quadron and their recent single, Hey Love.

Classixx’s version of the tune plays up the soulful vocals and laid back mood of the original whilst injecting it with a little of that poolside magic. Popping arpeggios ride over thick, thick, synth bass as the duo whip up an LA Funk vibe with a slight robotic quality that work well with the originals borderline diva styling.Even incorporating a hint of early 90s House in the mix, the Classixx guys have turned-in another winner here.

♫ Quadron – Hey Love (Classixx reMix)

Quadron’s Hey Love is out now.

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[Audio] Classixx reMixes The Preatures’ ‘Is This How You Feel’?’


The Preatures

Getting an airing in yesterday’s Verando mixtape from Goldroom was the sunkist sounds of the new remix from Classixx. Still riding high on the success of their amazing début album, Hanging Gardens, the LA duo have turned their attention to Australian Indie-Pop outfit The Preatures and their new single Is This How You Feel?

The original is quite raucous guitar fuelled nonsense, but in Classixx’s hands it becomes a supremely laid back Acid Disco. we’re dead keen on the recent introduction, from the likes of Goldroom and Classixx, of burbling Acidic 303 lines into chilled Tropical Disco, it makes for a lush summer sound with a little excitement. Both smooth and sleazy. Classixx temper the Acid lines with slick vintage chords and blissful leads with take the vocals from Indie-cool to by-the-pool.

♫ The Preatures – Is This How You Feel? (Classixx reMix)

The Preatures’ Is This How You Feel? is out now.

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[Video] Classixx & Nancy Whang’s ‘All Your Waiting For’


Classixx    All You re Waiting For  feat. Nancy Whang — Official Music Video   YouTube

Classixx’s amazing début album, Hanging Gardens, is pretty much the soundtrack to anyone’s summer, and one of the records highlights, the Nancy Whang featuring All Your Waiting For has not got itself a fancy video as it launches itself into single mode.

Director Tim K senses a Yacht Rock influence to Classixx’s tunes and plays up to it with Nancy living the high life on the high seas.

Classixx’s Hanging Gardens is out now.

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[Audio] Classixx’s ‘Valley Vacation’



Jeez Classixx, slow down a bit! I guess Classixx are like busses, you wait ages for something to come along then it all comes along at one. No sooner had the poolside Disco duo released two stung singles and a seriously awesome album, Hanging Gardens, than they are releasing another new track, a groovy Deep Disco cut called Valley Vacation.

Valley Vacation is a nice, optimistic slice of synth Disco. Breezy and carefree, the track rolls an a driving arpeggiated bassline that keeps the dance groove going while all manner of shimmering LA-vibe synths playfully bob and weave around the track. But it;s toward the end that the track really hits it;s stride with an immense sax solo that drifts across the track like it’s carried on an 80s breeze.

♫ Classixx – Valley Vacation

Classixx’s Hanging Gardens is out now.

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[Audio] Classixx & Nancy Whang



The second single to be taken from their forthcoming, and amazing, début album, Hanging Gardens Classixx is the emotional rush of All Your Waiting For. Following on from  Holding On/Boarderline, All Your Waiting For features the vocals of DFA’s Nancy Whang and delivers classic breezy Disco beats.

Sunshine, west coast, poolside Nu-Disco vibes exude from every second of this track. Despite Whang’s bittersweet song, the mood of the track is kept laid-back with warm synths, a tow-tapping beat and starlight leads. With a wobbly Disco bassline, to inject the track with a little quirkiness, All Your Waiting For serves all your nostalgic Disco needs, whether that’s for the 80s, or for 2007. Broad spectrum nostalgia, that’s what All Your Waiting For delivers.

♫ Classixx (Feat. Nancy Whang) – All You’re Waiting For

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[Audio] Classixx’s ‘Borderline’



Now that we’ve gotten used to the fact that awesome LA Disco duo Classixx are well and truly back, we are ready for some now music. And here it is. Borderline is the B-side to their new single, Holding On, and is just a spot-on little treat to keep us going until Classixx’s album release, just days away now. As an added bonus, Borderline features the vocal stylings of fellow LA resident Jesse Kivel from ElectroPop outfit Kisses (who’s own forthoming, Cascine released, album is awesome BTW).

Borderline is the swirling, dreamlike, antidote to Holding On’s storming Disco credentials. The prefect chillout track, a largely beatless groove is based a pulsating arpeggio complimented by lightly struck snyths and percussion drifting, ghostly, in and out of the tune. Mostly centred around the rhythmic bass and Kivel’s heartfelt vocal, the track manages to be both infectiously catchy and completely relaxing. We’re really looking forward to the album, I think it’s going to surprise a lot of people.

♫ Classixx (Feat. Jesse Kivel From Kisses) – Borderline

Classixx’s Holding On is out now with remixes by Lifelike and Jerome LOL amongst others with their album following 14th March.

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[Audio] Classixx’s ‘Holding On’


Classixx are back! An unexpected, but most welcome turn of events. Not only are this LA Disco duo back with a new single, but they’ve also just announced their début album. To be released mid-March, the album, titled Hanging Gardens, with hold twelve tracks of laid back funky goodness including one or two favourites, such as Far From The Beach. Holding On is the first (new) single to be taken from the album.

The track is a lush beach groove. It’s everything you’d expect from LA Disco. Keen ears may recognise the track from a particularly old edition of The Magician’s Magic Tapes, where an early form of the track was featured. Holding On is sunshine in musical form. Tropical keys and rolling Disco basslines build up a no-worries party mood that’s paves the way for big vintage strings and an infectious vocal sample. Definitely one for pool parties.

♫ Classixx – Holding On

Classixx’s Holding On is released 19th  February with remixes by Lifelike and Jerome LOL amongst others with their album following 14th March.

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