[Audio] The Aston Shuffle Shuffle reMixes Owl Eyes’ ‘Golden Lies’


owel eyes

We’ve been talking about Australian singer Owl EyesNightmixes EP for a while now. Having already featured some sterling reMix work from Goldroom and Cassian in the past few months. The EP is out now and is packed with a whopping eight reMixes of tracks from her album, Nightswim. Check out the gloriously hedonistic version of Golden Lies from fellow Australian duo The Aston Shuffle.

It’s a big, euphoric, track that effortlessly flips between Disco tinged Indie-Electro and deep pounding House. Punctuated by breaks of Owl Eye’s sweet vocal, the track either deliver’s a sunkissed, LA vibe. Full of stabbing retro synths and shimmering keys. Or a thick bassed warehouse stomper, complete with pitched down vocals. The two alter-egos of the track seem to converge on the finale where the best of both worlds plays out the song.

♫ Owl Eyes – Golden Lies (The Aston Shuffle reMix)

Owl Eyes’ Nightmixes EP is out now.

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[Audio] Cassian reMixes Owl Eyes’ ‘Hurricane’


Owl Eyes

Released next month is Australian singer Owl EyesNightmixes EP. As part of the collection fellow Australian and purveyor of all thing Funky and Housey Cassian has taken Owl Eyes’ Hurricane and turned it into a poolside Disco monster. Enjoy,

There’s so much space in this track. It’s just six minutes of laid back, carefree Nu-Disco and classic House with loads of room for it to breathe. Spread out over the six minutes are punchy digital basslines with a Chicago feel, twisted up vocal snatches, slightly Tropical leads, lush pads and an overall adherence to a lazy groove. Cassian never fails to deliver, and this floorfilling reMix is no different. One for hot summer nights.

♫ Owl Eyes – Hurricane (Cassian reMix)

Owl Eyes’ Nightmixes EP is released 18th October.

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[Audio] Goldroom reMixes Owl Eyes


Owl Eyes

Just as the weather is getting warmer here in the UK, hopefully for good (you can never really tell when summer’s going to start here), Goldroom drops a brand new reMix to soundtrack our forthcoming holiday weekend. Turning his not inconsiderable talents, this time, to Australian singer/songwriter Owl Eyes and a track off her recent début EP, Faces, to be featured on a forthcoming reMix release.

Around the one minute mark, in this reMix, Josh drops an immensely funky little Acid riff that hangs around throughout the tune. Burbling 303s may seem like a departure for the king of Dreamwave but it’s blended so effortlessly into the lush tropical Disco that it sounds perfect. Hypnotic and enticing. This little nod to the warehouse, from the beach, is just enough to give the track the kind of essence that would work just as well under the strobe lights as under the mirrorball. Hazy, summery, dancefloor, gold(room).

♫ Owl Eyes – Jewels & Sapphires (Goldroom reMix)

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