[Audio] Annie’s ‘Hold On’



Here we have the second track to emerge from Norwegian ElectroPop queen Annie’s forthcoming collaborative EP with London Electro head Richard X, A&R. Following the reveal of Back Together earlier this month, this track, Hold On, sees Annie and Richard in blissful Pop mode.

Sounding like a breezier, slightly groovier, Saint Etienne, Hold On is like a Pop breath of fresh air. Unashamed and unworried Hold On wears it’s uplifting beats and optimistic synths on it’s sleeve. Even embracing a slight Tropical influence and some gloriously crunchy snares, the track is, at the same time, both timeless and really early 90s. None of this is unexpected though, with the team of Annie, Richard X and pop writer extraordinaire Hannah Robinson at the helm, slick, intelligent Pop is to be expected.

♫ Annie – Hold On

Annie’s The A&R EP is out soon.

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