[Audio] Beateria’s ‘Country Business’



Is New Beat coming back? I feel like I’m typing the words ‘New Beat’ a lot these days. Not that I mind, I grew up on the stuff, I had just always thought it was a forgotten genre. But suddenly there is a rash of New Beaty, EBMy, Acidy tunes and events going on. So it feels like there’s a New Beat resurgence happening, maybe because so many Belgian producers are breaking through these days and still feel that influence?

The latest tune to ride the trend comes from Aeroplane, maybe an unlikely source but he is Belgian, who got together in the studio with British producer Bot resulting in the track Country Business under the moniker of Beateria. It’s certainly an 808 fuelled, dirty Acid House, New Beat juggernaut, that’s deep and mysterious an anything else on those strobe lit dancefloors.

♫ Beateria – Country Business

Beateria’s Country Business is released 14th October on AeroPop.

Buy Beateria’s music from:


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