[Audio] Aeroplane reMixes BANKS’ ‘Beggin’ For Thread’



One of our prized pick-ups from this year’s Record Store Day was the second reMix 12” from L.A. Future R&B experimentalist BANKS. The reMixes Part 2 release featured two version of her most often reMixed track Beggin’ For Thread; one of which came straight from Belgian Disco maestro Aeroplane. Vito De Luca’s mix has just hit the digital world on his SoundCloud page, so if you didn’t manage to get hold of the record you can wrap your Internet ears around it right now.

You know where you are with an Aeroplane reMix. Vito consistently delivers quality like a brand name you can trust. Cleanly produced Disco and House, bright and shiny, with Pop sensibilities that what Aeroplane stands for and on this reMix he flips BANKS’ enigmatic presence into a bouncy DiscoPop existence, her smoky vocals taking on a new upbeat quality among Aeroplane’s buoyant bass and lush pads.

♫ ♫ BANKS – Beggin For Thread (Aeroplane reMix)

BANKS’ reMixes Part 2 is out now.

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[Audio] Aeroplane’s ‘Let’s Get Slow’



Let’s Go Slow is the new single from French Nu-Disco legends Aeroplane and the voice of Stardust’s 1988 French Touch blueprint Music Sound Better With You, Benjamin Diamond. Despite a constant stream of top notch reMixes, new original tunes from Vito De Luca are few and far between these days so the news of a string of singles to be released this year is good news indeed. This one, released later this month, kicks off the party. Check it out.

So, Let’s Go Slow is one of the most playful tunes Vito has produce to date, one of the Poppiest too. Loaded with the trappings of his career in French Disco, the track also makes nods toward American dance Pop and late 80 chart hits with bubbly synth and big stabbing keys over a jubilant rhythm section. Diamond delivers a catchy refrain to give the track a theme, but the stars hear are Vito’s razor sharp riffs. Also, it’s sounds kinda’ like Lightwaves reMix of She’s The Queen’s Talk To Me, which is cool. Just sayin’.

♫ Aeroplane (Feat. Benjamin Diamond) – Let’s Get Slow

Aeroplane’s Let’s Get Slow is released 20th April.

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[Audio] Charli XCX’s ‘Boom Clap’ reMixed by Aeroplane



What’s better than a Charli XCX track? Not a lot, but maybe a Charli XCX track reMixed by Belgian Disco don Aeroplane? The French Touch O.G. has taken Charli’s track from the The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack (and soon to be her next single) Boom Clap, and given is a supremely slick dancefloor workout, just short of cheesy, this is the bounciest thing you’ll hear all day.

This reMix is textbook Aeroplane, suited to the dancefloors of 2009. That’s no bad thing, it’s a classic sound that is bound to get the juices of any Nu-Disco fan flowing. It’s got those big French House synths that we all love so much stuttering out their eminently funky hook, and the punchiest of basslines to boot. Charli’s vocal mixture of smokey and shouty could have made for a strange combination, but Vito blends his irresistible good-times dancefloor gold with Boom Clap’s vocals like they were always meant to be. Here’s the start to your weekend.

♫ Charli XCX – Boom Clap (Aeroplane reMix)

Charli XCX’s Boom Clap is due out 20th July.

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[Audio] €urocrats’ ‘Black Hole Bass’



Deep warehouse vibes right here from the new single from AeroPop supergroup €urocrats, a collaboration between Vito Aeroplane and Dimitri From Paris. Getting twisted and dark, as opposed to their more Boogie laden previous single Follow Me, this single comes in two flavours, 606 and 909, and we bet you can imagine what to expect from either.

Whilst the 909 version is pure Acid tinged Chicago House madness, it;s the 606 version that caught or eye. Stripped of the occasionally harsh 909 beats, this version relies on a more synthetic feel courtesy of the 606 purcussion. Coupled with pulsating vintage synths and a voice of doom, this one is a hypnotic, Acid fuelled, jam for dark backrooms and seedy after-parties. Retro floorfilling goodness.

♫ €urocrats – Black Hole Bass (606 Version)

€urocrats’ Black Hole Bass is out 10th February.

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[Audio] Beateria’s ‘Country Business’



Is New Beat coming back? I feel like I’m typing the words ‘New Beat’ a lot these days. Not that I mind, I grew up on the stuff, I had just always thought it was a forgotten genre. But suddenly there is a rash of New Beaty, EBMy, Acidy tunes and events going on. So it feels like there’s a New Beat resurgence happening, maybe because so many Belgian producers are breaking through these days and still feel that influence?

The latest tune to ride the trend comes from Aeroplane, maybe an unlikely source but he is Belgian, who got together in the studio with British producer Bot resulting in the track Country Business under the moniker of Beateria. It’s certainly an 808 fuelled, dirty Acid House, New Beat juggernaut, that’s deep and mysterious an anything else on those strobe lit dancefloors.

♫ Beateria – Country Business

Beateria’s Country Business is released 14th October on AeroPop.

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[Mixtape] Aeroplane’s ‘March 2013 Mix’



Aeroplane – March 2013 Mix = Still committed to (somewhat) monthly mixes, despite his every increasing workload, Vito drops his latest round up of the good and the great in Nu-disco this month. One whole hour of the freshest upfront tunes, this should set you up for the weekend.

Aeroplane – March 2013 Mix

The tracklist:

01. Teedra Moses – Be Your Girl (Kaytranada Extended Edition)
02. Rayko – Take It To The Top
03. Confection – This Time (It’s Personal)
04. Panthera Krause – Summer Breeze
05. Leon Sweet – GTTR
06. Spirit Catcher (Feat. Mr. Renard) – Final Call
07. HNQO feat BR – We Do It (H.O.S.H. reMix))
08. Had & The Ladyboy – Lovin’
09. The Decks Group Allstars – Jackin Givin Thanks
10. Grizzly Beat – Gun Shy (Lindstrøm reMix)
11. Duke Dumont (Feat. A*M*E) – Need U ( 100%) (Skreamix)
12. Dan Clare – Daydreamin
13. Sky Ferreira – Everything Is Embarrassing (MK reMix)

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[MP3] €urocrats reMixed by Eliot


Recently Aeroplane’s own record label released it;s second single. Unite/Follow Me by €urocrats, a collaboration between Vito aeroplane and Dimitri From Paris. The single is awesome, definitely worth your attention, it sounds more DFP than Aeroplane, but that’s a good thing as we’re loving Dmitri’s recent out put, he’s ranking in our favourite producers right now. unfortunately we haven’t been able to feature the release here as AeroPop saw fit not to steam the single on SoundCloud or anywhere similar, but we can give it a nod with this awesome vocal reMix from Greece’s Eliot.

Eliot deliver a stunning take on the track to compliment his Dub version on the single. He perfectly captures the mood of the song, the late 80s orchestral stabs and horn hits, but makes the track his own. Although he keeps a lot of the track intact, the vocals, the rolling percussion, the Hooky bass, what’s really special here is the added vocals. Eliot takes a dance record, with a vocal hook, and turns it into a fully fledged song with verses and everything! The new vocals fit into the song so well, you would have thought there were part of Follow Me all along, resulting in on of the standout version of the track.

€urocrats – Follow Me (Eliot Rollerblade Vocal reMix)

€urocrats’ Follow Me is out now.

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[Audio] Aeroplane reMixes Pool


In his second reMix of the week Aeroplane keeps up the pressure. Turning his attention to German Indie band Pool’s Flex single, Vito delivers another slice of upbeat ElectroPop, this time weaving some of the original’s guitars into the mix and slowing things down a little, whilst sounding faster.

Normally we’d rather  he excised the guitar, but right here it sounds amazing. Keeping that funky little lick actually makes the track. This is nicely juxtaposed by a growling analog bass and the brightest of synth riffs. This has the result of turning the hazy Folk of the original into an infectiously catchy Pop tune. Once again Aeroplane has taken a mediocre track, and turned it into gold. Surely it’s time for an Aeroplane reMix album?

♫ Pool – Flex (Aeroplane reMix)

Pool’s Flex  is out now on Solomun’s 2DIY4 label.

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[Audio] Compuphonic’s ‘Sunset’ reMixes’


Last summer Belgian producer Compuphonic released the Marques Toliver featuring Sunset. It’s a solid Deep House tune, but feels a little uninspired, a bit by-the-numbers if you will. Have no fear though, out this weeks is a pretty classy reMix collection that more than makes up for things Aeroplane, Waze & Odyssey, Aashton & Swift, David Keno, Fabio Giannelli & LPXZ all take their turn to deliver their version of the tune, sweeping up those smooth R&B vocals and making them something new. here’s out picks of the EP.

Aeroplane’s mix is probably the EP’s highlight, whipping up the track into a huge DiscoPop monster. With keys from a 70s cop show and plucked strings straight out of an 80s music video, Aeroplane makes everything bright and shiny. There’s hints of mid-80s Jean-Michelle Jarre in there, set to a stomping beat, and a big retro Pop sheen as Vito serves up one of the best Pop tracks of the year so far. Aashton & Swift take the track in the opposite direction, showing how deep Piano House should be done. Moody and exotic, with just the right amount of 90s House groove. The duo mange to combine a deep, deep, vibe with a light breezy track to create something that is both compellingly danceable, but fun too. Waze & Odyssey, on the other hand, turn in an undulating warehouse sound, loaded with bleeps and bass that makes us all nostalgic. The introduction of a slick organ riff compounds the track, bringing everything together for an intoxicating dancefloor experience. all-in-all it’s a sweet reMix collection that let’s the song shine the way it should have been allowed to all along.

♫ Compuphonic (Feat. Marques Toliver) – Sunset (Aeroplane reMix)

♫ Compuphonic (Feat. Marques Toliver) – Sunset (Aashton & Swift reMix)

♫ Compuphonic (Feat. Marques Toliver) – Sunset (Waze & Odyssey Street Tracks Mix)

Compuphonic’s Sunset reMixes are out now on Beatport followed by everywhere else on 1st March.

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[Mixtape] Aeroplane’s ‘Not-So-Monthly Mix November 2012’


Aeroplane – Not-So-Monthly Mix November 2012 = Just missing being actually November, here’s Vito’s latest mixtape which, as you can see from the tracklist, is packed full of Tropical, Disco and House sounds. It’s almost like a July mixtape!

Aeroplane – Not-So-Monthly Mix November 2012

The tracklist:

01. Tropics – Popup Cinema (Kelpe reMix)
02. Mike Mago – Galactic (Behling & Simpson reMix)
03. Moulinex – Fauna
04. Rogue Vogue – Feel Love
05. Karmon (Feat. Terry Shand) – Take My Hand
06. Tim Green – 3 Days Ago
07. Tom Demac – Tanners
08. The Other Tribe – Sing With Your Feet
9. L’Equipe Du Son – Slow Notion (Dubka reMix)
10. Sumera – Bright Lies (Riptide reMix)
11. Klangkarussel – Sonnentanz

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