[Audio] Hercules And Love Affair’s &’Working Miracles’


Hercules And Love Affair

Working Miracles is one of two B-sides to Hercules And Love Affair’s new single Do You Feel The Same?, released ahead of Andy Butler and crew’s forthcoming The Feast Of The Broken Heart album. The A-side is a  spacious funky Acid Disco monster, so H&LA deliver something deeper for the flipside.

After a shaky piano and sample intro, Working Miracles drop and thumping, almost Psy Trance, beat. Undulating and hypnotic, the groove builds and builds into an ecclectic and bassy House juggernaut. Taking cues from their Industrial roots and their Warehouse DNA, Working Miracles moves in both dancefloor and avant-garde circles.

♫ Hercules And Love Affair – Working Miracles

Hercules And Love Affair’s Do You Feel The Same? single is released 14th April.

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[Video] Toddla T Sound’s ‘Acid’


Toddla T Sound    Acid   Official Video    YouTube

Old school Acid House vibes now in the new single from Toddla T’s Toddla T Sound and the new single, cunningly titled Acid.

Check out the video, a nice selection of late 80s video effects that tie into the track nicely.

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[Video] Waze & Odyssey’s ‘Everything (You’re Made Of)’


Waze   Odyssey   Everything  You re Made Of    YouTube

Nu-Disco, House and Acid collide on Waze & Odyssey’s new single, Everything (You’re Made Of). Check out the 909s, 303s and Disco samples pounded together int he official video for the track.

Directed by Roarke Pearce, the clip is a trippy pub disco nightmare.

Waze & Odyssey’s Everything (You’re Made Of) is out now.

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[Download] Hercules And Love Affair’s ‘Be With You’


Hercules And Love Affair

Hercules And Love Affair have already teased us with their new single, Do You Feel The Same? but it’s not released until April. Rather than make us sit and wait for it, and the album it’s taken from; the forthcoming The Feast Of The Broken Heart. Andy Butler are furnishing us with this brand new free track. This is Be With You.

Acid Disco is still the order of the day with Hercules And Love Affair. Be With You has been kicking around the internet for a while now, but you can grab the full quality track now and revel in it’s undulating synth hooks and deep groove. Chicago beats and a moody soulful vocal dominate a tune that will have your head nodding all night.

Hercules And Love Affair – Be With You

Hercules And Love Affair’s Do You Feel The Same? single is released 14th April.

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[Audio] Hercules And Love Affair’s ‘Do You Feel The Same?’


Hercules And Love Affair

Deep Acid Disco is on the cards with the new a single from the latest version of Andy Butler’s Hercules And Love Affair. Do You Feel The Same? is the first new track we’ve had from them in quite a while and comes from the forthcoming album The Feast Of The Broken Heart witch again sees Andy in the studio with Consolidated’s Mark Pistel.

If there’s one thing we love, it’s when the funky and the Acidic mix, and the is exemplified perfectly on Do You Feel The Same?. Long-time collaborator Gustaph, the voice of Moonlight Matters’ amazing Come For Me, croons over a burbling 303 bassline and some serious warehouse vibes. Capturing the drama inherent in Hercules And Love Affair tracks, Do You Feel The Same? is already fast on it;s way to becoming one of our favourite tracks of the year.

♫ Hercules And Love Affair (Feat. Gustaph) – Do You Feel The Same?

Hercules And Love Affair’s Do You Feel The Same? is released 14th April.

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[Audio] €urocrats’ ‘Black Hole Bass’



Deep warehouse vibes right here from the new single from AeroPop supergroup €urocrats, a collaboration between Vito Aeroplane and Dimitri From Paris. Getting twisted and dark, as opposed to their more Boogie laden previous single Follow Me, this single comes in two flavours, 606 and 909, and we bet you can imagine what to expect from either.

Whilst the 909 version is pure Acid tinged Chicago House madness, it;s the 606 version that caught or eye. Stripped of the occasionally harsh 909 beats, this version relies on a more synthetic feel courtesy of the 606 purcussion. Coupled with pulsating vintage synths and a voice of doom, this one is a hypnotic, Acid fuelled, jam for dark backrooms and seedy after-parties. Retro floorfilling goodness.

♫ €urocrats – Black Hole Bass (606 Version)

€urocrats’ Black Hole Bass is out 10th February.

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[Audio] Eli Escobar & Anna Lunoe’s ‘Red Hot’


Eli Escobar

New York House legend Eli Escobar dropped a new single this past week. Released on Nurvous the track, an ode to his home town, features vocals from Australian producer Anna Lunoe. Giving a shout out to the city’s districts and underground club scene, Red Hot is a deep and groovy anthem for New York City nights.

A burbling, stripped back warehouse tune, Red Hot mixes the old school with the new with an array of vintage synths and drum machines hammering out gagged beats and basslines. With a slightly Acidic feel amongst the retro House, the tune is given it’s icing courtesy of Lunoe’s sultry, deadpan, croon. The is one you’ll find on the dancefloors of dimly lit basement parties.

♫ Eli Escobar (Feat. Anna Lunoe) – Red Hot

Eli Escobar’s Red Hot is out now.

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[Audio] Sharooz’s ‘Terminvs’



Terminvs is London based TurboFunk producer Sharooz’s foray into post-EBM, post-Gesaffelstein Techno. All the cool kids are doing it these days, so why not. While the tunes might not be as intoxicating and dirty Disco, it can be a lot more fun to make, if you like brapping out with synths that is. And from the sound of Terminvs, Sharooz definitely does.

Amidst the ringing, occasionally dissonant, electronic mayhem, Sharooz actually lays down an utterly infectious Teutonic groove. A 242-esque bassline and some old school House drums keep the track more than interesting, giving the track a late 80s Acid House undercurrent. If fact, if you tune out the Industrial purcussion and synth brap you’re left with quite a classic sounding warehouse jam. A tune with a surprising number of levels.

♫ Sharooz – Terminvs

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[Audio] B.G. Baarregaard’s ‘Give Your Heart To Me’


B.G. Baarregaard

The latest release on the consistently excellent Silhouette Music drops this week. It comes from Icelandic Disco producer B.G. Baarregaard who serves up a whole EP of Acid/Disco crossover tunes. As we’ve said a few times in recent months, the induction of screaming Acid lines into smooth Disco is something we very much enjoy, so this EP really does it for us.

The lead tune on the six track EP is Give Your Heart to Me which exemplifies the collection perfectly. One one level you’ve got a slick Disco number, complete with pumping beat, mood setting piano, slick Disco licks, a bassline that draws you in and big diva vocals reminiscent of 90s House hits. On top of which lives a burbling 303 pattern the runs through all the requite filter sweeps, taking the track from low grooves to squealing excitement. The combination is worked to it’s fullest by Baarregaard until the track peaks in a melting put of strings, synth stabs and 300 grooves. The whole EP is definitely worth your investigation.

♫ B.G. Baarregaard – Give Your Heart To Me

B.G. Baarregaard’s Taste Of Acid Love EP is out now.

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[Audio] Crazy P’s ‘Burning’


Crazy P

London based Disco collective Crazy P have a new record coming out next month on Bristol’s own Futureboogie imprint. The four track MTS Vol. 2 EP looks like it;s going to be pretty amazing if the first track to break ground is any indication. Burning premièred this week over on Mixmag and we can’t stop listening to it. Bring on the EP!

Burning seems like a strange beast but it all perfectly makes sense. A stripped down slab of synthetic Disco, a heavyweight Robo-Funk groove with a hypnotic hook. But more than that, the melding of Acid burbling and electronic Disco is something we’ve been saying we need to hear more of for a while now, and Cray P have nailed it with Burning, rolling from sweet retro funk to 303-esque House riffs with an effortless cool. We’re definitely interested to hear the rest of the EP.

♫ Crazy P – Burning

Crazy P’s MTS Vol. 2 EP is due out 4th November.

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