[Audio] Yuksek reMixes Griefjoy


There’s a new Yuksek reMix in town! The French Indie-Dance master has been brought on-board to deliver a version of fellow French quartet Griefjoy forthcoming single, Touch Ground, and he does so in style.  As you would expect, Yuksek takes this smooth Continental Indie and turns it into a big dancefloor smash. the combination of heartfelt French songwriting and powerful Parisian electro is an anthem in the making.

Yuksek turns everything up to eleven here. Each element of his mix is punchy and on-point. An exceedingly funky digital bassline powers this reMix along like an unstoppable Disco juggernaut, it’s a bass hook that just sticks in your head. There’s loads of synth touches to keep you happy, and that biting, raw, Electro feel that accompanies so much of Yuksek’s work. It’s the perfect backing for Griefjoy’s uplifting, sing-a-long vocal, and one we expect to be hearing on Indie-Dancefloors for months to come.

♫ Griefjoy – Touch Ground (Yuksek reMix)

Griefjoy’s Touch Ground is released 26th February.

Buy Griefjoy ’s music from:


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