[Audio] BeatLoaf’s ‘Texas Benchmark’



Y’know what we love about BeatLoaf? The Detroit based producer isn’t scared of making music. The man has got his groove, and it’s a groove seeped in the history of dance music, but he’s not afraid to experiment either, to think outside the musical box. While his tracks are unequivocally House floorfillers, he spices them up with hints of Detroit Techno, Electro, PowerNoise, Berlin sounds and SynthPop; all the time keeping things funky.

BeatLoaf has released a string of fresh single over the past few years, each one bringing new surprises to his robotic dancefloor sound, not least with last years mechanical monster Romantic, and this year he releases his latest robust beats in the forms of the intriguingly named Texas Benchmark; due out tomorrow.

Texas Benchmark bristles with shuffling electronic percussion and in terms of overall tone feels very much like a spiritual sibling to Romantic. Those slowly building beats and the occasional snatched of hollow synth bass before the riff fully drops are reminiscent of the tension that Romantic built. Texas Benchmark, however, has an almost playful, magical quality provided by effervescent and sparkling melodies that intertwine themselves throughout the track.

These shimmering and intoxicating hooks dance around your brain, taking control of the track. Weaving in and out of this techy House jam giving it a kinetic sense of narrative. Fat beats to take you on a journey. Toy-town synths telling the story.

Equally fit for headphones or dancefloor, Texas Benchmark is one to forget the world for seven minutes and let BeatLoaf do the driving.

The single is released 8th March via trill.wav

♫ BeatLoaf – Texas Benchmark

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[Audio] Techniques reMixes Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’


Michael Jackson

Have you checked out the new single from Manchester’s electronic adventurer Techniques yet? Don’t You Want To Love’s enigmatic, dark, grooves caused a bit of a stir when recently released and the Manc producer is already working on the eagerly awaited follow up. In the meantime check out this epic reMix of Michael Jackson’s 1988 hit, Smooth Criminal.

Kicking things off in low key and moody fashion, Techniques introduces us to a low-slung bassline and stuttering Techno beats to pair with Jackson’s vocals, here turned into some kind of hypnotic mantra. A cinematic journey through the world of Tech and Deep House, this reMix retains the drama of the original song, but drags it onto some futuristic Sci-Fi dancefloor where Jacko is fighting off an android invasion. Mesmerising stuff.

♫ Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal (Techniques reMix)

Techniques’ Don’t You Want To Love is out now.

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[Audio] Booka Shade & Karin Park’s ‘Line Of Fire’


Karin Park

The utterly amazing Swedish/Norwegian SynthPop chanteuse Karin Park’s latest appearance comes from an unexpected collaboration with German Techno powerhouses Booka Shade.  Maybe now so unexpected though, as Booka Shade provided a reMix for her current single, Hurricane, so perhaps this is her returning the favour. The track itself, Line Of Fire, actually appeared on Booka Shade’s 2014 EP of the same name in it’s Club Mix form; check out the Vocal Mix, with added Ms. Park.

There may be a little backlash amongst diehard Booka Shade fans against the commerciality of Line Of Fire, but they can just crawl back under their rock of 90s Techno obscurity ‘cos this is one of Booka Shade’s finest moments. Against a deep and hypnotic Tech-House backing Ms. Park serves up one of her unique and passionate performances as punchy kicks, growling bass and metallic leads deliver a mesmerising and involving club anthem.

♫ Booka Shade (Feat. Karin Park) – Line Of Fire (Extended Vocal Mix)

Booka Shade’s Line Of Fire is released 23rd March.

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[Audio] Shindu’s ‘Trust Me’ (+ Jesse Oliver reMix)



Belgian ElectroPop duo Shindu launch back into the limelight this week with a brad new single released via Silhouette Music. Trust Me is their most 80s influenced track to date and takes the twosome into a more introspective territory. The single boasts a full package that comes backed with a fresh B-side and reMixes from Jesse Oliver and Gemini Brothers.

With almost a Post-Punk edge, Trust Me eschews dancefloor beats of rampaging military drums and Chibi bringing a somewhat Siouxsie Sioux-esque vocal flair over waves of moody synths. That’s not to say the track isn’t quite upbeat and catchy, it very much is. Jesse Oliver’s take on the tune gives off a deep Tech House vibe with a relentless synthetic bassline and an enigmatic strobe-light vibe. It;s a robotic funk counterpart to the immensely human original. The single is out this week and is well worth your attention.

♫ Shindu – Trust Me

♫ Shindu – Trust Me (Jesse Oliver reMix)

Shindu’s Trust Me is released this week.

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[Audio] Maya Jane Coles reMixes Bonobo’s ‘First Fires’



The latest slice of all-encompassing musical warmth coming from the queen of all things Deep and Techy, Maya Jane Coles, comes in the form of this reMix of Ninja Tune’s finest Bonobo’s, Grey Reverend featuring, First Fires. The ghostly and bassy original comes from Bonobo’s recent The North Borders album. The track serves as the album’s intro and takes on a whole new life in Coles’ hands.

The vocal croon of the song is actually quite well suited to Coles’ smokey take on House, it’s low tones acting as another instrument in MJC’s deep arsenal. Capturing the intensity and atmosphere of First Fires, Maya looses none of it’s emotional resonance, if anything she adds to the tracks mood with a plethora of warm, rounded synths and grumbling basses. All set to a nice shuffling UK House beat. Sink into this one.

♫ Bonobo (Feat. Grey Reverend) – First Fires (Maya Jane Coles reMix)

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[Audio] Maya Jane Coles reMixes Tiga Vs. Audion’s ‘Let’s Go Dancing’



Check out Maya Jane Coles’ reMix of Tiga Vs. Audition (Matthew Dear)’s hype inducing Let’s Go Dancing. Tiga’s most explosive track for al long while, Let’s Go Dancing caused a bit of a stir when it was released a couple of months ago, now with the release of the reMix EP looming we can wrap out ears around this, the one we were most looking forward to.

Maya takes things Deep and Techy with this one. Six minutes of hypnotic warehouse sounds with a fantasy twist. With a seeming nod to early Warp Bleep House Maya playfully skims magical melodies and psychedelic synths over to surface of a pounding House groove. The growling vocal refrain only adds to the enigmatic flavour of Maya’s mix. This one is going to get a serious club pounding, expect to be looing all sense of time on the dancefloor to this one very soon.

♫ Tiga Vs. Audion – Let’s Go Dancing (Maya Jane Coles Dancing In The Dark reMix)

Tiga Vs. Audion’s Let’s Go Dancing reMix package is coming 10th November and includes remixes from Maya Jane Coles, Breach, Solomun and joeFarr.

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[Audio] Disclosure’s ‘Apollo’



London duo Disclosure’s acclaimed début album, Settle, is less than six months old and they are already dropping brand new tracks. You would have thought the commercial success of Settle would have seen the guys coasting for a while, but no, they’ve been back in the studio and Apollo is the result.

There’s no vocals here, no collaboration, this a raw, undiluted Disclosure. In a way Apollo feels like Disclosure going back to their roots somewhat. There’s a definite leaning toward the dancefloor of darkened warehouses and strobe lit late night clubs that Radio 1 Roadshows. Hypnotic and ethereal, Apollo, blends a little House, a little Acid, a little Rave, a little Techno and even a little Psy Trance, into one undulating monster. Unrelentingly groovy, this really is one to loose yourself in.

♫ Disclosure – Apollo

Disclosure’s Settle is out now.

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[Video] Booka Shade’s ‘Love Inc.’


Booka Shade   Love Inc  Official Video    YouTube

Booka Shade’s deep and epic new single, Love Inc., has been making waves for a couple of weeks now, so to reinvigorate your interest here’s the new video for the track.

Suitably, for the track, the video is a whole lot of love. Directed by Thomas Hayo, the clip is just all manner of people, not to mention cartoons, making out. Simple and effective.

Booka Shade’s ‘Love Inc. is out now with the album following 1st November.

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[Audio] Booka Shade’s ‘Love Inc.’


Booka Shade

There’s some deep funky grooves in the for of the new single from the legendary Booka Shade. Love Inc. is taken from their forthcoming album, Eve, an album it look like almost didn’t make it. Apparently the duo nearly split up after the release of 2010’s amazing More! album, saved by holing up in a studio full of vintage gear and getting to feel like a band again. The result is released in November with this single preceding it in October.

The word that springs to mind when listing to Love Inc. is, oddly, pleasant. It’s a really nice tune. Bursting with low down House grooves and European club beats, it’s the densely layered cinematic arrangement and waves of rousing synths that make this track feel all warm and cosy. Getting a bit Techy in places, Love Inc. is the perfect combination for compelling dancefloor stormer and chilled laid back House vibes. the album should be interesting at the very least with appearances from Fritz Kalkbrenner and Groove Armada’s Andy Cato.

♫ Booka Shade – Love Inc.

Booka Shade’s ‘Love Inc. is released 4th October with the album following 1st November.

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[Audio] Little Boots & Maya Jane Coles & James Ford, oh my!

Little Boots

So, we’re breaking tons of rules here. Our own rules that is. Fist up, we’re posting clips of tracks, which is a massive no-no for us. Generally, anything under 3m00s will go straight in our Inbox trash, regardless of who delivers it. Secondly, we’re using an ugly as hell Juno player. As a rule we’ll only use content delivery systems we can at least a little bit hack to make it fit the site’s aesthetics, the Juno widget is an ugly beast that’s you can’t even resize, which really messes with our 500px format. However, this release is a) amazing and b) only available on vinyl. If it remains only on vinyl, this might be your only chance to hear it, so rule breaking ahoy! But it’s a one off, do not expect us to make a habit of it, so on your bike with your 1m45s clips!

And what’s caused all this ruckus then? It’s a 12”, released yesterday, by LB, and once you’ve heard the vocals you’ll be pretty confident as to what LB stands for. The track, Superstitious Heart, is a collaboration between Little Boots, Maya Jane Coles and Simian Mobile Disco’s James Ford. The track was written by The Boots, Maya and Ford with Maya stepping up on production duties. Deep and Techy sounds abound, as you would expect for this line up. Musically Maya’s influence seems to stand out, but we can also hear The Boots indulging her well documented love of 90s House. The shuffling beat and rounded bass are beautiful and hypnotic, while The Boots opts for a suitably intimate performance. The track is backed up with another Deep House tune. On Whatever Sets You Free, The Boots teams up with London producer Baunz to drop some ethereal warehouse vibes. The 12” is rounded off with Dub version of both tracks. If the tracks ever hit some kind of new fangled internet streaming service we’ll bring you a closer look, but, if you’ve got decks, this needs to be on them.

♫ LB – Superstitious Heart/Whatever Sets You Free (Clips courtesy of Juno)

LB’s Superstitious Heart/Whatever Sets You Free 12” is out now.

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