[MP3] Robotaki’s ‘Raton Laveur’ & ‘It’s Still About You’



One of Canada’s unsung synthetic Disco talents, the awesome Robotaki has broken a long period of silence with a brand new double A-side single, Raton Laveur and It’s Still About You, for free. These are tracks that have been knocking around on Robotaki’s shelf for a while now, while we’ve been waiting for then to be released, and now they’re here they don;t disappoint, especially the Hey Champ featruing It’s Still About You.

It’s Still About You is Robo-Disco at it’s finest. Full of sparky snyths stabbing their way over bubbling arpeggiated basslines and a stomping beat.  With just enough of a hint of retro to be cool, but still maintaining a contemporary feel, the track perfectly plays to Hey Champs’ strengths to deliver the best of machine groove and swinging Nu-Disco. Raton Laveur is more of a dreamy, electric piano fuelled, Disco tune that mixes up a laid back poolside vibe with some big room Elector elements to produce something that is both smooth and a high octane dancefloor monster. these are definitely two tracks you should be checking out.

Robotaki (Feat. Hey Champ) – It’s Still About You

Robotaki – Raton Laveur

Robotaki’s Raton Laveur/It’s Still About You is out now.

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[Audio] MNDR reMixed by Robotaki


Oh, go on then, we’ll have one more reMix of MNDR’s Feed Me Diamonds. Partly because we’re big MNDR fans, partly because we’re also pretty fond on Canadian groover Robotaki. But mostly because Robotaki has done a sterling job here, the best Disco version we’ve heard.

Robotaki has got a perfect grasp of Amanda’s vocals, and the rhythm of the song, as he completely retextualises her voice but allows it to keep it’s own intention. The vocals become a big sweeping Disco top line when presented with Robotaki’s 70’s synth disco. Expect loads of rapid percussion on ringing bells. The best way to describe it is to quote Robotaki: “Totally watched an old kung-fu flicks while this was being made.” There you go.

♫ MNDR –  Feed Me Diamonds (Robotaki reMix).

MNDR’s Feed Me Diamonds is out now.

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Popular Computer’s new single

Popular Computer

Out this week is Popular Computer new record, ‘Lointain’.

We’ve been waiting for the release for a while now and it’s a stormer. Parisian Sylvain Dalido get’s into a synthetic Disco state of mind with a laid back electronic sound packed with vintage synths and Disco licks. On the reMix is a whole bunch of our favourite producers. Australian Dreamwave master Muffin, who has been away far too long, drops a delicious retro beach party of a tune, mixing up the Disco and the ‘80’s, which just highlight why we need to hear more from this man. Pharao Black Magic get their analog Disco groove on with a deep bass driven slice of slo-mo electronic Funk. Robotaki’s contribution is a wonderful mix of everything good in Nu-Disco and SynthWave with a strong Moog Funk rhythm section, twisting lead lines and shimmering retro chords fit of a perfect sunset.

♫ Popular Computer – Lointain

Popular Computer – Lointain (Muffin reMix)

♫ Popular Computer – Lointain (Pharao Black Magic reMix)

Popular Computer – Lointain (Robotaki reMix)

‘Lointain’ is out now on Chilly Gonzalez and Housse De Racket‘s label Schmooze.

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Housse De Racket reMixed by Robotaki

Housse De Racket

Parisian Indie-ElectroPopsters Housse De Racket’s ‘Roman’ has been knocking around for a while now, with q few reMixes to it’s name. Is there room for one more? There is if it comes from the Canadian who’s name is on every-blog-body’s lips, Robotaki.

Robotaki goes big with this mix, as he tends to do. There’s some really fat sounds lurking around here, both in bass and chords, spacing out the track. With a touch of Funk, a touch of the epic Indie vibe of the original and a touch of dancefloor smash worming their way into Robotaki’s full ElectroPop sound, the whole kinda’ lifts the track, bringing out the emotion, and the groove, of the song.

Housse De Racket – Roman (Robotaki reMix)

Robotaki is in the process of finishing up his début EP due out in 2012.

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Mix Chopin’s new EP

Mix Chopin is dropping a new release on Shiny Disco Club tomorrow, it’s prefect Sunday Disco fodder!

The ‘Love Story’ EP contains three tracks of densely layered Nu-Disco, the lead track ‘Bonne Nuit’ is a Moog funk infused slice of DiscoHouse that the Torontonian producer lays out over four and a half minutes of feel good electronic groove. Robotaki and Hana Yori Kichou Na are amongst the contributors of reMixes to the EP. Robotaki takes things down a more electronic Disco route combining bringing a little Filer flavour to proceedings leaving HYKN to slam it right back to the Disco and chop things up.

♫ Mix Chopin – Bonne Nuit

♫ Mix Chopin – Bonne Nuit (Robotaki reMix)

♫ Mix Chopin – Bonne Nuit (Hana Yori Kichou Na reMix)

The ‘Love Story’ EP is released tomorrow.

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You! are a Parisian duo made up of Romuald Boivin (I Am Un Chien) and José Reis Fontao (Stuck In The Sound) who released their album of quirky Indie-SynthPop late last year.

Their new single, taken from their self titled début is ‘Heart’, and it has a strong line up of reMixes to accompany it. The UK’s Blue Satellite smother the track in a thick layer of funk bass on their deep, addictive grooved, Disco mix while Robotaki’s cut-up Nu-Disco Pop mix hit all the right buttons with a bit of Disco, a bit of ElectroPop and a bit of Chip Tune.

You! – Heart (Blue Satellite reMix)

You! – Heart (Robotaki reMix)

reMixes from Mister Edwin Van Cleef and Misters Walter Sobcek soon. Awesome!

You! @ Beatport

You! @ Juno

You! @ 7Digital

You! @ Amazon

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