[MP3] Pr0files’ ‘Call Yourself A Lover’



Pr0files is the new solo project from Baby Monster’s Danny Sternbaum. Baby Monster have been a fixture on electronic rumors since our beginning, despite their releases being a little too few and far between for our liking. Pr0files sees Sternbaum collaborating with long-time friend singer/keyboardist Lauren Pardini to produce some lush, swirling Dreampop. The two have worked together before in an outfit called The Boy Traveller, which featured Danny, Lauren and Skrillex (yup, apparently that was a thing that happened).

Their première track, Call Yourself A Lover, is a hazy, yet bombastic, slice of ElectroPop. With a orchestrated feel, builds itself around layers of luxurious synths that curl in and out of the track like smoke, washing the Trance-like apreggios and ElectroPop bassline in surges of dreamlike noise. Lauren’s vocal balances between ethereal and IndiePop cool, giving the track some grounding. This is one for the headphones, let it sweep you away.

Pr0files – Call Yourself A Lover

Pr0files’ début album is due out in 2013.

Check out more from Pr0files on SoundCloud.

Baby Monster’s ‘City Of Lovers’

Baby Monster

Baby Monster are back! Long time reader will know just how much we love Baby Monster around here, this l time last year they were previewing tracks from their self-titled début album, exciting times. So it’s pretty cool that the guys have chosen this month again to drop the first of their new material. I must say, thought, that the PR email came with this sentence: “Baby Monster is preparing to release a brand new organically grown collection of tracks by duo Daniel Sternbaum and Marty Larson Xu.”, which is a stream of pretentious PR bullshit so heinous that if it wasn’t for our love of these guys music I would have trashed it straight away. Baby Monster need new PR.

Anyway, ‘City Of Lovers’ is the title track from Baby Monster’s new EP, to be released next month. It’s a majestic return to out consciousness. A slinky, bass heavy, Indie-ElectroPop track that shimmers with summery good times. It’s light, airy synths play against the pulsing analog sounding bass to make the track work musically on both your body and mind. Add into the equation a wash of slick Indie vocals with a catchy, infectious as hell chorus that plays around alongside quaint little synth lead lines. If Baby Monster’s previous work is anything to go by this EP should be something special, and unlike the PR suggests, not covered in dirt and horse manure, but pure gold.

Baby Monster – City Of Lovers

Baby Monster’s ‘City Of Lovers’ EP is due for release 5th June.

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AlunaGeorge reMix Baby Monster


We’ve not heard enough from AlunaGeorge recently, but Baby Monster new single ‘The Fear Of Charlie Sunrise’ is the perfect track for them to reMix.

Doing that thing they do where the make thing experimental, yet melodic. Deep and dubby, yet bright and poppy, AlunaGeorge create a richly textured soundscape that showers you with snatches of vocal and waves of lush synths.

Baby Monster – The Fear Of Charlie Sunrise (AlunaGeorge reMix)

‘The Fear Of Charlie Sunrise’ is taken from Baby Monster’s self-titled début album, out now.

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Baby Monster’s ‘The Fear Of Charlie Sunrise’ video

Naor Aloni directed this new clip for Baby Monster’s ‘The Fear Of Charlie Sunrise’.

It’s one of the more Indie-Electro jams on their pretty rad new album.

Baby Monster’s self-titled début album is out now.

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Baby Monster third album preview

It’s the third week of Baby Monster previewing tracks from their forthcoming début album!

The tracks are getting spacier and spacier, ‘Mr. Success’ sees Baby Monster rocking a Chillwave vibe, again, amongst their ElectroPop with layers of reverb soaked sounds. There’s actually quite an 80’s influence to this track you can pick out from the waves of Electro Shoegaze, the lead line is pure 80’s Pop. Really looking forward to this record!

Baby Monster – Mr. Success

Baby Monster’s self-titled début album is due out 27th June.

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More new Baby Monster

Tracks from Baby Monster’s forthcoming début album are coming in thick and fast now!

‘Russian Lights’ rocks more of a Chillwave vibe than previous tunes with he duo putting all their Shoegazing influences into play here. Still backed up by layers of cosmic synths. This and last weeks ‘The Fear Of Charlie Sunrise’ are just two of many, Baby Monster are giving away a track from their album every week in the run up to the records release!

Baby Monster – Russian Lights

Baby Monster’s self-titled début album is due out 27th June.

Buy Baby Monster’s music from:

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New music from Baby Monster

It’s been quite a while since we heard anything from the Baby Monster camp, but they are back with news of their début album.

Slated for a June, release the La based duo’s album is a pretty long awaited affair. Their previous singles ‘Ultra Violence and Beethoven’ and ’She Comes Alive’ gained them quite an online following but then things seemed to go silent. However ‘The Fear Of Charlie Sunrise’, a taste of what to expect from the long-player, shows the guys haven’t just been sitting around. It’s a beautiful piece of Indie-Electro, crazy with lush layers of synths and emotive vocals. We’re really looking forward to this album ‘round here!

Baby Monster – The Fear Of Charlie Sunrise

Baby Monster’s self-titled début album is due out 27th June.

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The Good Natured interview


When Sarah McIntosh A.K.A. The Good Natured first came to our attention last year we could tell something special was going on. Not flash-in-the-pan, overhyped, special, but something of substance. The kind of special that grows and lasts.

The young singer/songwriter creates something that appeals, not only to a love of electronic dance music, but also to the intimate and atmospheric. Her introspective and heartfelt presentation on record is complimented with a live show that sees Sarah commanding the stage with eclectic outfits and a passionate performance that is only increasing as her confidence grows. Set apart from her contemporary left-field popsetresses, such as Marina or Ellie, by a uniqueness and individuality that can only come from an honesty in everything she does, The Good Natured sprinkles a hint of darkness over female fronted ElectroPop and makes the genre a more interesting place.

The lead track on her début EP of last year, ‘Your Body Is A Machine’, gets a full single release next month with the backing of the mighty Kitsuné Music .With a beautifully shot video and reMixes that are already setting the blogs on fire it’s sure to be a summer hit. Sarah took some time out of her busy schedule promoting the single to drop a little knowledge on us:

ER: We’ve featured you on our website a few times but although there are many electronic elements to your music, I wouldn’t strictly call you an Electro or ElectroPop artist. How would you *like* your music described and (gun to the head) what genre do you feel most comfortable being associated with?

SM: That’s quite a hard question, I don’t really think about what genre I am, I just consider my music a form of self expression and art. I guess it is electronic pop, but I like to think its got a darker side.

ER: Who, musically, has been an inspiration on you and who inspires you out of your contemporaries?

SM: David Slyvian, Robert Smith, Siouxsie Soux.

ER: You must be exited about the re-release of Your Body Is A Machine on Kitsuné, having one of the world hippest labels champion you must be flattering?

SM: Yes, it is very flattering!

ER: How did you approach the re-recording of the track, was there stuff you weren’t happy with on the EP recording?

SM: It wasn’t that I wasn’t happy with the EP recording, it was great, but I felt it could be better, and we have made it sound bigger and more epic, so I am really pleased.

ER: You’ve done quite a bit of solid gigging in the past few months, have you found anywhere you really enjoy playing? (Kudos points for saying Bristol!)

SM: Well Start the Bus in Bristol was really fun actually! There was free cake so that was a mega plus. We all really enjoyed playing the great escape in Brighton, there was a great atmosphere there and it was packed.

ER: Do you prefer songwriting/recording or playing live?

SM: I don’t think you can compare the two. I love them both in different ways, performing is so much fun, but songwriting more emotional, depends what you are in the mood for!

ER: Any crazy rock ‘n’ roll tour stories?

SM: Yes actually! One time we got chucked out of our own gig in Reading because we were too young! Another time in Brighton the soundman bottled the promoter. Nice.

ER: You’ve been known to wear some pretty eye-catching outfits and put on some pretty crazy performances, is that the real Sarah or is The Good Natured a persona?

SM: Its me!

ER: From the backcombed black hair to the atmospheric videos there’s quite a bit of Goth going on ’round your way, are you a secret Goth?

SM: Yes I think so. My skins pale enough isn’t it?

ER: Now for the gear geek question! What’s in Sarah’s studio? Do you have a favourite bit of kit. I’ve heard there is a particular Yamaha keyboard you’re very fond of?

SM: Yes, my beloved Yamaha my Grandma gave me, a few of the keys have stopped working it’s so old but I love it dearly. Apart from that there’s a couple of synths and many fairy lights.

ER: How does the average The Good Natured song take shape, lyrics or music first?

SM: Depends,sometimes words sometimes music! What generally happens is I get a musical idea, then I open my lyric book and chose some words to go over the top!

ER: Cereal or Full English Breakfast? Would your answer change the day after a gig?

SM: Coco-Pops or Crunchy Nut. Deffo a Full English after a gig!

ER: Cheers Sarah!

While you’re waiting for the single release check out the mega talented Baby Monster’s new reMix of ‘Your Body Is A Machine’ which drags Sarah squarely into the middle of the dancefloor!

The Good Natured – Your Body Is A Machine (Baby Monster reMix)

‘Your Body Is A Machine’ is released 21st June on Kitsuné Music

The Good Natured @ Beatport

The Good Natured @ Amazon

Baby Monster + Golden Bug


Today we can share with you another reMix of Baby Monster’s pretty gobsmacking début ‘She Comes Alive’.

This time it’s Golden Bug who saunters up to the bar and orders a shot of ‘She Comes Alive’. Layers upon layers of synths build on top of each other and intertwine with the original track to the beat of cheap drum machines. it’s a cool slice of Space-Disco.

Baby Monster – She Comes Alive (Golden Bug reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

‘She Comes Alive’ is out on 29th March on BigStereo Records, the 7” is pretty limited so go grab one while you can!

Baby Monster @ BigStereo Records

Baby Monster @ Amazon

Baby Monster reMixed by Jocks


The timer is ticking down to the release of Baby Monster’s début single ‘She Comes Alive’ on BigStereo Records.

London based Jocks have dropped their reMix of the track to tide us over, and it turns the electronic aspects of the song  all the ways up! We posted Jocks’ reMix of CHEW LiPS ‘Play Together’ recently and together with this track, it’s looking like Jocks is going to be a force to be reckoned with. Look out for another of his reMixes later today!

Baby Monster – She Comes Alive (Jocks reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

‘She Comes Alive’ is out on 29th March.

Baby Monster @ BigStereo Records

Baby Monster @ Amazon