[MP3] Sauly’s ‘Love From Me’



Here’s a slice of deep deep, slightly Techy, House to carry to off into the weekend, and it’s free courtesy of Pole Position Recordings. The tune comes from Essex based producer Sauly as a precursor to future projects alongside Pole Position. The track’s called Love From Me, prepare to start dancing.

With a shuddering thin layer of Industrial, mechanised, Tech sounds drifting over the tune, a juxtaposition is created between this chattering noise and the low basses, soulful Chicago groove displayed by the rest of the tune. It makes for quite a unique combination and one we expect works pretty well on the dancefloor. The smooth vocal sample, riding 909 beats and square wave chimes, is pure late night jam, only spurred on by the rougher elements command to dance. We await Sauly’s future work with interest.

Sauly – Love From Me

Check out more from Sauly on SoundCloud.

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