[Download] Diamond Cut reMixes Thief’s ‘Broken Boy’



The mastermind and music genius that is Diamond Cut is back this week with one of his amazing, but increasingly rare, reMixes. Lucky for us, he’s got to grips with Australian SynthPopper Thief’s Broken Boy, a tune we introduced you to back in October. Diamond Cut embraces the track’s introspective Kraftwerk-y-ness and works a little of his retro Electro magic with the song.

Dusting off the pulsating, robotic synths for this one, Diamond Cut’s Manic Computer reMix is appropriately titled, encompassing all manner of electronic shudders and blips. Thief’s vocals still work wonderfully with the music, slightly modulated they sound a little otherworldly set against the synthesizer’s shimmering retro soundtrack. Diamond Cut always delivers the very best, and often surprising, tracks. This tune is no different.

Thief – Broken Boy (DC’s Manic Computer reMix)

Check out more from Thief on SoundCloud.

[MP3] Diamond Cut reMixes Badboxes’ ‘JSMN’



Blimey! We were beginning to think we’d never hear a new track from Australian producer, and seriously one of the best-in-the-game, Diamond Cut again. It’s been a long while since the man of mystery has filled this website’s columns, but we still had faith he’d be back. And back he is with this storming reMix of Pittsburgh DreamPop outfit Badboxes’ single JSMN.

It seems Diamond Cut still has that flair, this reMix of JSMN, revels in it’s retro swing. Dreamwave to it’s fullest, the tune layers chunky synths and waves of starlight keys in a way that is both immediately 80s sounding but contemporary and fresh. And that was always Diamond Cut’s premiere talent, to make nostalgic tunes that never sounded trite or pastiche, that were relevant and guaranteed current floorfillers. That’s exactly what he deliver’s here, alongside the original’s heartfelt IndiePop vocals. We’re hoping this is a return to a more regular release schedule for Diamond Cut, but if it’s not we’ll keep ourselves content with this one.

Badboxes – JSMN (Diamond Cut reMix)

Badboxes’ JSMN is out now.

Buy Badboxes’ music from:


Queen Of Hearts’ ‘Warrior’

Queen Of Hearts

Queen Of Hearts is back with a brand new single, and that usually means we’ll be having a good weekend, and if we don’t at least we’ll have something to play on repeat. One again teaming up with Australian über producer Diamond Cut, the new track, Warrior, is quite a departure for both of them, DC especially, but it’s an experimentation that really works and makes for a nice hit of majesty in Queen Of hearts catalogue.

So, on Warrior, Diamond Cut brings the tribal and Queen Of hearts brings the drama. the result is a powerful, climactic five minutes. Introduced by a sparse piano line that rings, hunting, in the distance as the first signs of hammering percussion and a passionate vocal delivery from The Queen, who’s voice glides across the track like a siren’s call amidst the relentless arpeggios and militaristic pounding drums. The addition of  edgy stings just heightens the cinematic feel of the track. We weren’t expecting something in this vein from The Queen’s next single, but it’s a pleasant surprise and merely extends her sonic pallet. We’ll be keeping en eye on that chunky guitar though (yes, we heard it DC!). Queen Of Hearts is off to the states for a handful of shows this week; you guys aren’t going to know what hit you!

♫ Queen Of Hearts  – Warrior (Produced By Diamond Cut)

Queen Of Hearts’ Warrior is released on 2nd December.

Buy Queen Of Hearts’ music from:

Diamond Cut reMixes Harts


The enigmatic Diamond Cut is easily one of the best producers in the world. As well dropping some of the best reMixes of the past few years, on top of one or two (too few) original tracks, he’s also had a hand in so much of the music we love. Everyone from Queen Of Hearts to Visitor have been graced with this Dreamwave guru’s talent. Producing other artists aside, Diamond Cut has been quite quite on recent months when it comes to his own work. Now he’s breaking radio silence with this new reMix of Australian Indie Rocker Harts début single, All Too Real.

Diamond Cut turns it into a slick dance track. Creating a smooth hybrid of Dreamwave and 90’s House, DC whips up the best of both worlds in this mix. Using the originals guitar riff in a way reminiscant of a bit of Daft Punk brings a little Disco touch to the tune. The result of this melting pot of styles is a cool, deep, groove with a retro synth sheen topped off with some impassioned Indie vocals. Hopefully this will see a return to a more active (in the release arena at least) Diamond Cut, more of these late night summer jams please. Diamond Cut leading the pack once more. The reMix will be released on limited edition 7” via Far Land.

Harts – All Too Real (Diamond Cut reMix)

You can pick up the All Too Real 7” here.

Check out more from Harts on SoundCloud.

Diamond Cut take Cullen to new heights

OK, this is something pretty special. Well, it’s a Diamond Cut reMix so it’s bound to be!

It’s a reMix of Cullen’s new single, ‘Crazy Enough’. We’ve featured Cullen before, he’s a kinda’ BedroomPop act from Down Under who has dropped some nice tunes in the past. Fellow Aussies Diamond Cut work their magic on his new single  and what emerges is a huge, sweeping, 80’s sounding, DiscoPop track. Subtle guitar licks echo hauntingly in the background while Cullen’s impassioned vocals and DC’s soaring synth lines power the track on and on.

Great stuff!

Cullen – Crazy Enough (Diamond Cut reMix)

Cullen’s ‘Crazy Enough’ single is out soon.

Cullen @ Facebook

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Diamond Cut reMix Super Mal

Electro-House production team Super Mal are pimping their recent ‘Rock The Night’ EP even more by giving away this reMix by the ever awesome Diamond Cut.

You just have to love Diamond Cut’s productions. Just like a well cut diamond that are flawless. This is pure Nu-Disco/ElectroPop/Dreamwave brilliance with the energy and emotion of the best of them. Pule raising basslines sit effortlessly in the mix with shimmering retro synth chords to make this a real slice of euphoric modern nostalgia.

Super Mal – Rock The Night (Diamond Cut reMix)

‘Rock The Night’ is out now.

Super Mal @ Beatport

Super Mal @ 7Digital

Super Mal @ Amazon

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ODahl’s début EP

Out this week is the debut EP from Swede producer ODahl.

Probably best know for his reMixes of Tesla Boy, Cut Copy and Empire Of The Sun, ODahl busts out three original cuts on the self titled EP including ‘Dance Mama’ a dreamy, ever so slightly glitchy, summer Disco track. Pure party stuff. The track ‘Hello Hello’ appears both in it’s original from and with a reMix treatment from the awesome Diamond Cut, who turn in a rolling, arpeggio driven, Dreamwave version with some sweet big 80’s chords.

ODahl – Hello Hello (Diamond Cut reMix)

ODahl – Dance Mama (Radio Edit)

ODahl’s EP is out this week on Velcro City Records and features more reMixes from Alfa and Joman.

ODahl @ Beatport

ODahl @ Juno

ODahl @ 7Digital

ODahl @ Amazon

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Visitor’s début single B-side


One of the brightest ElectroPop hopes for the coming year, Visitor, stopped by the electronic rumors inbox last night to drop off the B-side to their forthcoming (and pretty eagerly anticipated) début single ‘Los Feeling’.

Defiantly a band to get exited about, Visitor have enlisted one of our favourite producers Diamond Cut to cover mixing board duties and with the already blog smashing Alan Braxe reMix the single is looking likely to take the Electro world by storm. ‘Love (Club Edit)’, the B-Side, is a slick as hell slice of electronic dance Pop that dips and soars in all the right place and could, frankly, sustain a single all of it’s own.

Visitor – Love (Club Edit)

‘Los Feeling’ drops 21stJune on Vulture Records, until then check out their MySpace for more music.

Visitor @ MySpace

Diamond Cut reMix M’Black


Another quality reMix from Diamond Cut. Man, they just seem to be ably to knock out tune after tune in the past couple of months!

Here they are tackling the new single from Matti Schwartz’s project M’Black featuring the vocals of Nicol. The original is a proper ElectroPop/Electro-House anthem and Diamond Cut take that feeling even further bringing an 80’s teen movie vibe to a hands in the air epic.

M’Black – Heartbreak (Diamond Cut reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

‘Heartbreak’ is out now.

M’Black @ Beatport

M’Black @ Amazon

Oh Shit! & Night Drugs


OK, this lot’s been blogged to death in the last few days but I’ve been doing a bit of computer upgrading so this is a bit of a let post, but who cares, right? This is some killer music that some of you may not have heard (yet!).

LA and France meet head on in this heavyweight Electro face off! Oh Shit! and Night Drugs are teaming up to drop the single ‘Everybody Needs’, and it’s pretty funking amazing! Smooth SynthPop meets Filter-House and massive funk bass. The EP will have eight reMixes of the track. My pick of the pack would have to be electronic rumors faves Diamond Cut, who mix it up with heavy bass, a sweet lead line and big Disco flavour, Bit Funk’s huge Nu-disco vocoder outing and Binary man Fabian with his deep Disco-tinged Dreamwave track.

Oh Shit! & Night Drugs – Everybody Needs (zShare) (MediaFire)

Oh Shit! & Night Drugs – Everybody Needs (Diamond Cut reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Oh Shit! & Night Drugs – Everybody Needs (Bit Funk reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Oh Shit! & Night Drugs – Everybody Needs (Fabian reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

The EP is released exclusively on Beatport on 17th March as a special WMC release from Velcro City Records.

Oh Shit! @ Beatport

Oh Shit! @ Amazon

Night Drugs @ Beatport

Night Drugs @ 7Digital

Night Drugs @ Amazon