[Download] Fare Soldi reMix Madonna’s ‘Holiday’



Seems like the recipie for the perfect sunshine tune. Take, what is arguable Madonna’s most chipper tune, Holiday, and give it to Italian Fico Disco pioneers Fare Soldi. right now we can’t think of a more perfect match to produce something that will, without fail, put a smile on your face.

Of course they kept the little synth Funk riff, why wouldn’t you? But Fare Soldi have teamed that up with a big bouncy bassline and a sweetly shuffling beat. Upbeat arpeggios and starlight keys spread out over a pair of duelling basslines (one bass,one synth) to serve up something think and funky and genuinely upbeat. Add a bit of Madge over to top and you’ve got something instantly recognisable to your ears and irresistible to your feet.

Madonna – Holiday (Fare Soldi Rmx)

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[Download] Shit Hot SoundSystem edits Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’



London based Nu-Disco producer Shit Hot SoundSystem has been pumping out a truck load of awesome edits recently. Proper edits too, not reMixes titled as edits but not virtually unchanged tracks either. SHS’s edits stay true to the concept of an edit; remaining true to the original track but cutting the dead wood and enhancing what works on the dancefloor, from a DJs perspective. In this spirit his latest work, an edit of Madonna’s 1985 classic Material Girl, does the job superbly.

Material Girl has got enough powerful hook and riffs to keep any DJ happy, and Shit Hot SoundSystem uses them to their fullest. Doubling down on the bass and drums, the track rumbles along in heavy style with the bassline and chorus lead riff, both instantly recognisable, taking centre stage. There’s enough vocals in here too for the sing-a-long crowd. It’s another quality edit from Shit Hot SoundSystem and a real middle-of-your-set secret weapon.

Madonna – Material Girl (Shit Hot SoundSystem Edit)

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[MP3] Baron Von Luxxury edits Madonna’s ‘Vogue’



Put together using “only bits from the original multitrack stems” LA DiscoPop genius Baron Von Luxxury has put together an epic, dancefloor targeted edit of Madonna’s classic 1990 ode to the Harlem gay House scene, Vogue. And it is pretty stunning.

If you’ve ever heard Vogue and thought ‘man, that’s a good groove’ then this tune is for you. Stretching that instantly recognisable House hook out into a six minute dancefloor trip, Luxxury drops fresh beats, and vocal snatches over the deep Chicago-esque hook. The vocals are, for the most part, modulated to fit the new vibe and the whole track ends up a storming deep retro House tune that would slot perfectly into and cotemporary House set. Download this one for free now.

Madonna – Vogue (Luxxury Edit)

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[Video] Goin’ Old School: Madonna, Front 242 & Taylor Dayne


Goin’ Old School isn’t a trip down music memory lane, it’s a mugging in the dark alleyway of nostalgia:

Some pure Pop with an EBM filling today, starting with Madonna’s Into The Groove from 1985.

And unexpectedly cropping up is one of EBM pioneers Front 242 finest moments, 1986’s Quite Unusual.

Back to the Pop to finish up, from 1987 it’s Taylor Dayne big moment, Tell It To My Heart.

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[MP3] Moustache Machine reMixes Madonna

MADONNA, 1984: This exclusive photo-session with Madonna was made exactly 20 years ago in a photo-studio in Amsterdam. Her record company in Holland telephoned Dutch photographer Kees Tabak and asked him if he would like to photograph a new, totally-unknown singer called Madonna. Luckily he said yes. She brought along two dancers with her. The male dancer is her brother.  Shortly after this session Madonna became a world-known superstar.  **  USA & UK ONLY ** HIGHER RATES APPLY ** © Kees Tabak /  Sunshine / Retna UK

With Classixx’s awesome reMix of Madonna’s Lucky Star nearly two years old now, it’s the perfect time for some fresh blood on the Lucky Star scene. It’s the prefect track for a Disco update, and stepping up for the challenge is French producer Moustache Machine.

The tracks got all the elements for a massive Italo-Disco workout, pumping synth bass, bright keys, evil little Disco licks and Madge’s big vocal. Moustache Machine handles these elements with ease, reworking them into his own version of dancefloor gold. With just the right amount of added driving synth goodness, and the occasional B-Boy breakdown, this is easily one of the best reMixes of this track we’ve heard.

Madonna – Lucky Star (Moustache Machine reMix)

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MiGHty mOUse reMixes Madonna


We’ve been waiting for this one ever since MiGHty mOUse hinted about it on Twitter last week. The man has turned his not inconsiderable talent to reworking Madonna’s 1984 classic Like A Virgin. Remix Madonna’s 80s output tends to be a bit hit or miss, but we’ve had high hopes for MM’s take on the track, and we haven’t been disappointed.

What we are treated to is an upbeat slice of cosmic House. MiGHty mOUse works this staccato electric piano riff throughout the track that really is the tunes core. Playing off the bassline, this hook brings a total party vibe, with a hint of 90s nostalgia, and seems to work perfectly with Madge’s vocals. the track itself follows MiGHty mOUse’s evolution from spacey Disco into something a bit more Housey and complex, there’s a blissed out synth bridge about two thirds along that you could get lost in.  Drop this on unexciting revellers and watch it tear up the dancefloor. I think I’ve found a replacement for MiGHty mOUse’s Kate Bush reMix!

♫  Madonna – Like A Virgin (MiGHty mOUse Re Work)

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Kolombo reworks Madonna


Belgian producer Kolombo has worked his synth Disco magic on one my favourite Madonna tunes, ‘Into The Groove’.

This is everything an edit should be, Kolombo has chopped up the track and put it back together with the dancefloor in mind, dragging the synth bass to the forefront and bringing some nice retro synths with him. Frankly, this is kinda’ going to become the definitive version of the track.

Madonna – Into The Groove (Kolombo Rework)

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The Blisters Boyz reMix Madonna


This reMix of Madonna’s ‘Music’ from France’s The Blisters Boyz is too good.

It’s fun, it’s funky, it plays off the original well and uses the vocals in a pretty innovative way and most importantly, this is gonna’ kill dancefloors. The Blisters Boyz have taken an instantly recognisable hit and turned it into an uplifting Nu-Disco juggernaut. The reMix is also sprinkled with samples from Madonna’s next single ‘Give Me All Your Love’ too.

Madonna – Give Me All Your Love To Music (The Blisters Boyz reMix)

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Monsieur Adi’s latest Madonna reMix


Now, with all pretence of being a trilogy Monsieur Adi’s fifth Madonna reMix has landed to wow us once more.

What can we say about Adi’s mixes that we haven’t already said? The man’s skill as a Nu-Disco producer with a perfect ear for the dancefloor coupled with his flair for the orchestral is a combination that wins ever single time. The way he keeps the groove while adding all the drama and emotion for the most rousing movie score amazes us every time. It’s no different with this reMix of ‘Beautiful Stranger’, the track is led by a robust horn section and swelling strings that only around the four minute mark are complimented but the beat kicking in, but this just adds to the anticipation, and when the beat does drop, along with a shift in the strings, it’s powerful stuff.

Madonna – Beautiful Stranger (Monsieur Adi reMix)

Madonna – Beautiful Stranger (Monsieur Adi reMix (Instrumental))

Monsieur Adi ‘s other Madonna reMixes are available on his SoundCloud.

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Monsieur Adi reMixes Madonna’s ‘Erotica’


Monsieur Adi’s trilogy of Madonna reMixes seems to have given up trying to be a trilogy, grabbed his Madonna record collection and run with it.

This time he’s taking on ‘Erotica’ and gives us something a little different, but inspired genius. Tribal, almost dancehall, beast and robotic vocal manipulation which builds and builds it’s hypnotic groove until a peak where it injects the bit we’re all waiting for. Adi immaculate orchestration. The huge strings and brass then giveaway to an edgy, haunting ending. Monsieur Adi nails is again, the layers and textures with which he crafts his reMix really put him in a league of his own.

Madonna – Erotica (Monsieur Adi reMix)

Monsieur Adi ‘s other Madonna reMixes are available on his SoundCloud.

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