[MP3] Pr0files’ ‘Call Yourself A Lover’



Pr0files is the new solo project from Baby Monster’s Danny Sternbaum. Baby Monster have been a fixture on electronic rumors since our beginning, despite their releases being a little too few and far between for our liking. Pr0files sees Sternbaum collaborating with long-time friend singer/keyboardist Lauren Pardini to produce some lush, swirling Dreampop. The two have worked together before in an outfit called The Boy Traveller, which featured Danny, Lauren and Skrillex (yup, apparently that was a thing that happened).

Their première track, Call Yourself A Lover, is a hazy, yet bombastic, slice of ElectroPop. With a orchestrated feel, builds itself around layers of luxurious synths that curl in and out of the track like smoke, washing the Trance-like apreggios and ElectroPop bassline in surges of dreamlike noise. Lauren’s vocal balances between ethereal and IndiePop cool, giving the track some grounding. This is one for the headphones, let it sweep you away.

Pr0files – Call Yourself A Lover

Pr0files’ début album is due out in 2013.

Check out more from Pr0files on SoundCloud.