[MP3] Awkoder’s ‘Ho.Ho.Ho!’



The latest tune from French SynthWaver Awkoder sees the talented producer moving in a slightly Houseier direction. Trading his usually moody and atmospheric retro synth tunes for a gloriously nostalgic slice of Chicago House with Tropical overtone, Awkoder sets his sights of claiming the very last of the good weather in 2013. Even if skies are getting greyer, Ho.Ho.Ho! (despite sounding X-massy) will keep the summer vibes going.

If your in the market for some upbeat synth stabs and early 90s vocal sampling with your Island purcussion on full-on House beats, then you’ve come to exactly the right place. Awkoder had captured the excitement of dance music int he late 80s and early 90s and bottled in in his new track. Of course there is a totally addictive piano hook in tow, like the icing on the House cake. It’s hard not to smile at Ho.Ho.Ho!, and even harder not to dance.

Awkoder – Ho.Ho.Ho!

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