[MP3] L’Etranger’s ‘Mersey Mersey Me’ club mix.



Out soon on London’s La Bombe label is the new release from Ben Thomas A.K.A. L’Etranger. It a collection of reMixes of tracks from his 1997 EP of earlier this year. 1997 was jammed packed with chilled soulful Disco and storming Turbo Funk playing off against each other, and from the sound of this free download of one of the reMixes of the track Mersey Mersey Me we could be in for some seriously Housed up versions.

Whereas the original was laid back hazy soul, this Club Mix, by L’Etranger himself, is a hypnotic slo-mo House juggernaut. Channelling the original’s soul into deeper, moodier places, L’Etranger works up the perfect warehouse groove with throbbing sine basslines and layers of subtly, yet complex, purcussion. If this is any indication of what the rest of the remix EP holds, then we could be in for a treat.

L’Etranger – Mersey Mersey Me (L’Etranger Club Mix (La Bombe Edit))

L’Etranger’s 1997 reMixed is out soon.

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