[Download] Shit Hot SoundSystem edits Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’



London based Nu-Disco producer Shit Hot SoundSystem has been pumping out a truck load of awesome edits recently. Proper edits too, not reMixes titled as edits but not virtually unchanged tracks either. SHS’s edits stay true to the concept of an edit; remaining true to the original track but cutting the dead wood and enhancing what works on the dancefloor, from a DJs perspective. In this spirit his latest work, an edit of Madonna’s 1985 classic Material Girl, does the job superbly.

Material Girl has got enough powerful hook and riffs to keep any DJ happy, and Shit Hot SoundSystem uses them to their fullest. Doubling down on the bass and drums, the track rumbles along in heavy style with the bassline and chorus lead riff, both instantly recognisable, taking centre stage. There’s enough vocals in here too for the sing-a-long crowd. It’s another quality edit from Shit Hot SoundSystem and a real middle-of-your-set secret weapon.

Madonna – Material Girl (Shit Hot SoundSystem Edit)

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[MP3] Dublin Aunts edit Manuel Tur

Manuel Tur

Cyclist dropped this one in his October mixtape, it’s Australia’s finest Disco-House export Dublin Aunts and their cheeky little bootleg Edit of German Housemeister Manuel Tur’s single of earlier this year, Back To Me. Apparently the guys “Always heard shades of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Rhiannon’ in there” and so dropped a little Mac guitar into the chorus and smoothed things out a bit. The result is dreamy.

The track immediately carries you along on it’s warm, rumbling bass, and you’ll find most of the track kept largely intact. It’s just as compelling, just as hazy, just as blissful, but with a little extra added something. that something is a weird folky vibe that somehow compliments the track perfectly. Making the link between Tur’s tune and Rhiannon is the genius here, and we totally see where Dublin Aunts were coming from. We’re gonna’ save this for Sunday.

Manuel Tur – Back To Me (Dublin Aunts Love To Love Edit)

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