Two new tracks from Mental Minority

Mental Minority

One of Germany’s best SynthWave producers Mental Minority has not one, but two, new tracks for us. Both are something a little new form this guy, but still keeping the ‘80’s synth flavour. Two tracks, two moods, check them out.

So This Is For You is a drawn-back slice of synthesizer romanticism. Bringing the tempo down slightly and turning over the Italo beats and bassline to shimmering chords and bell-like chimes, Mental Minority crafts the kind of track that would hit the emotional beat in that ‘he finally gets the girl’ bit of an ‘80’s teen movie. These Old Photographs All Show Me Wearing Black is kinda’ a sentiment I can relate too as well as being a robo funk homage to the original Futurists. Channelling a bit of Kraftwerk and the likes of The Normal and Cabaret Voltaire Mental Minority has even added the hiss of old vinyl amongst the biting analog synths and cheap drum machine sounds. It;s a hunting Minimal Synth piece that just shows the depth of influences MM has, and how creative he can get with a synth.

Mental Minority – So This Is For You

Mental Minority – These Old Photographs All Show Me Wearing Black

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Mental Minority’s new track

Mental Minority

The Mental Minority is back, and by that we mean the enigmatic German SynthWave producer had dropped another track. This time he’s ramped up the ‘80’s teen movie soundtrack quota considerably, if such a thing is possible ( I would have thought it wasn’t, and the ‘80’s teen movie soundtrack quota was already pretty full, but Mental Minority has proved me wrong).

‘Take My Hand’ sails along on beams of ‘80’s-synth light. A mid-paced jam that’s loaded with lush chords and shimmering, chiming lead sounds. Underneath all that sparkly nostalgia is are these deep strings, almost like a Gregorian chant, that adds a somewhat hypnotic quality to the track, giving it more depth and richness than just the leads impart. This really is top quality SynthWave and Mental Minority is coming on in leaps and bounds, even bringing something a little different to the table.

Mental Minority – Take My Hand

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Two new tunes from Mental Minority

Mental Minority

Mental Minority, then enigmatic German producer of awesome SynthWave, has unleashed another couple of new tracks on the world.

First up is ‘To M.J.’. The M.J. in question being the ‘Fox’ kind rather than the ‘Shamone’ kind. You’ll get this as it kicks off with a Back To The Future sample before launching into some sweet retro soundtrack SynthWave. With a nice refrain to bedrock the track, ‘To M.J.’ allows the shimmering leads to shine though, and there are several, weaving and intertwining with each other in quite an organic fashion. Mental Minority mixture of Italo grooves and emotional playing makes for an awesome, nostalgic chill out tune. The amazingly titled ‘I Used To Feel Quite Sad At Outdoor Raves’ opts for a more aggressive sound. A growling Italo bass and powerhouse drums drive this track which works a combination of early ‘90’s House and ‘80’s synth sounds in quite a unique style. It’s a building track that layers upon itself as it climbs toward the finale, a big hands-in-the-air moment.

Mental Minority – To M.J.

Mental Minority – I Used To Feel Quite Sad At Outdoor Raves

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Mental Minority’s new tune

Mental Minority

Here we have another new track from mystery German producer Mental Minority.

‘Turn the Key’ is a driving slice of Post-Italo SynthWave. Crammed full of ‘80’s referencing politically charged samples and a bassline full of nervous energy, the track has an air of anticipation about it. It’s a track of two halves, and kinda’ tells a story that way. There’s the initial half that is thick with expectation and glides along in a retro Electro way, with big ‘80’s chords and a steady beat. Then part two kicks in, double times the bassline and the track powers to it’s climax, a shimmering lead line that let’s us know everything might just be alright in the end.

Mental Minority – Turn The Key

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Mental Minority

Mental Minority

Mental Minority is, well, is a German SynthWave producer. That’s about all we know about him. But that’s a good thing, because there’s loads to talk about the music!

He’s recently dropped a new track ‘T.V. Outrun’ and an new EP ‘Moodshifter’. Both display his love of ‘80’s and Italo. ‘T.V. Outrun’ is a bouncy, swirling peice that mixes the Italo bassline with epic shifting pads and sparkling synth melodies. It;s a good introduction to Mental Minority’s sound. Emotive and involving synthesizer soundtracks. The ‘Moodshifter’ EP is free from his SoundCloud page and contains five tracks of electronic soundscapes and retro beats. The highlight being ‘Shifting the Decades’ an Italo journey that conjures visions of Tokyo skylines, robotic beats with the soul of the orient. The whole EP is definitely worth checking out.

Mental Minority – T.V. Outrun

Mental Minority – Shifting The Decades

Check out more from Mental Minority on SoundCloud.