[Audio] MegaDrive’s ‘The Gate’



It a bit early for our usual influx of Halloween inspired tunes, no doubt nearer the 31st we’ll be going into blood soaked mode again, but ahead of all that spookiness we have Dallas based SynthWaver MegaDrive’s contribution to this years festivities. A staple of the retro synth scene for the past year or so, MegaDrive has come to be known as a name delivering quality electronic epics.

MegaDrive’s Halloween offering is titled The Gate, this is horror SynthWave at it’s finest. With the obligatory 80s horror movie sample (in this case from the trailer for 1987’s titular The Gate), growling arpeggios and knife sharp leads, MegaDrive instils this slice of movie nostalgia with an air of tension, building the track with swirling leads, ominous tones and even a little harpsichord to keep the vibe going, until it reaches it’s finale and multi layered horrorshow synth climax. Excellent work from MegaDrive, put this on the back burner until the end of the month.

♫ MegaDrive – The Gate

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Tommy’s Outer Space Adventure with Jordan F & MegaDrive


The new album from leading light of the third wave of SynthWave, Tommy, is due for release in September. Outer Space Adventurer bills itself as a ‘Soundtrack for a Science-Fiction story’  and it certainly lives up to that premise as Tommy pulls out all his synthesizer wizardry brings Jordan F  and MegaDrive along for the ride.

Bringing his best Vangelis game to the table with the album’s title track Outer Space Adventurer, Tommy crafts a cosmic oddessy, a sumptuous tide of futuristic, rich synths set against the backdrop of a pounding mid-paced Italo rhythm section. Really capturing something magical and wondrous, Tommy takes the listener on a remarkable audio voyage through distant galaxies. A track to spark the imagination. Already Jordan F and MegaDrive have stepped up to the plate to work their reMix goodness on the track. Jordan, unsurprisingly, totally nails it. Keeping the mood but enhancing it with an air of romanticism with his beautiful, shimmering, melodies. The otherworldly sense of awe remains, but touched with something more emotionally human. MegaDrive gives the track a driving kick in the ass. Drawing out the tracks Italo side, MegaDrive even adds a little Acid into the mix, letting those sparkling leads play out over a grittier Electro groove. When Tommy’s Outer Space Adventurer album drops, you can bet it’ll be some of the best SynthWave you’ve heard all year.

♫ Tommy – Outer Space Adventurer

Tommy – Outer Space Adventurer (Jordan F reMix)

Tommy – Outer Space Adventurer (MegaDrive reMix)

Tommy’s Outer Space Adventurer is released 3rd September.

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