Lamet’s ‘Palermo’


We featured Russian Italo and House producer Lamet in our round-up of reMixes of Lifelike & Popular Computer’s Getting High, it was one of our top picks of versions of the track. Lamet has been quietly churning out massive tunes that, once again, prove Russia is killin’ it right now in terms of synth and dance music. His track have ranged from big room House to Disco. His latest offering Palermo is Italo gold.

Palermo brings a touch of Lamet’s House expertise to Italo with a nice layer of late ‘80’s House piano over the digital bass and retro synths. The lead line in Palermo is just that right kind of Italo haunting, the sort of melody that sticks with you all day. As will all good Italo, there’s a slightly otherworldly feel to the tune, but mostly it’s rooted in retro dancefloors, flashing ‘80’s disco lights and good times in the sun. This is proper Italo, done well.

♫ Lamet – Palermo

Check out more from Lamet on SoundCloud.

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