[Audio] Lamet’s ‘Vibes’



Lamet is one of the most interesting producers coming out of Russia right now; and that’s saying something as there is a ton of Russian talent emerging in the past few years. Grabbing our attention with his Italo and Disco, Lamet has been on our radar since 2012, particularly with the Moscow based producer’s True Stories EP a couple of years ago. His latest one is a smooth neo-Deep House tune called Vibes. Check it out.

Vibes is a spaced out tune that blurs the line between Deep House, Tech House, Nu-Disco and Progressive House. Riding on a woody robotic bassline, bringing the Deep groove, the track shows off an array of Techy riffs, Disco licks and a warm and inviting piano hook. It’s nice and nostalgic while still sounding fresh and it’s loaded with a few interesting little bridges. Top stuff.

♫ Lamet – Vibes (Original Mix)

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[Audio] Lamet’s ‘Bon Voyage’



More from Russia’s synth Disco wizardry now with this amazing new Tune from Lamet. Hot on the heels of his True Stories EP of late last year, the Moscow based producer is slowly building a new collection of tracks, including this, the beautifully atmospheric House track Bon Voyage.

Bon Voyage hit just the right note for a toward-the-end-of-the-night track. A late night jam full of warehouse mystery whist still keeping a Nu-Disco groove. Additionally, there’s a hint of a Tropical vibe in the mix. With it’s many feet in many styles of music, Bon Voyage jockeys them all and wraps them up in an irresistible, warm, House tune that’ll have them leaving with a smile on their faces. Just listen, you’ll get what we mean.

♫ Lamet – Bon Voyage

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Lamet’s ‘Palermo’


We featured Russian Italo and House producer Lamet in our round-up of reMixes of Lifelike & Popular Computer’s Getting High, it was one of our top picks of versions of the track. Lamet has been quietly churning out massive tunes that, once again, prove Russia is killin’ it right now in terms of synth and dance music. His track have ranged from big room House to Disco. His latest offering Palermo is Italo gold.

Palermo brings a touch of Lamet’s House expertise to Italo with a nice layer of late ‘80’s House piano over the digital bass and retro synths. The lead line in Palermo is just that right kind of Italo haunting, the sort of melody that sticks with you all day. As will all good Italo, there’s a slightly otherworldly feel to the tune, but mostly it’s rooted in retro dancefloors, flashing ‘80’s disco lights and good times in the sun. This is proper Italo, done well.

♫ Lamet – Palermo

Check out more from Lamet on SoundCloud.

reMix competition ultra roundup part two: Lifelike & Popular Computer


So, here we are with the second instalment of our reMix cometition roundup, where we sift through the shit to find the gold so you don’t have to. The other big reMix competition running right now is  Lifelike & Popular Computer current single. The robotic dance anthem ‘Getting High’. Let;’s take a look at who’s actually delivered a decent reMix, rather than phoning it in just to reMix a Lifelike track, shall we?

Of course Germany’s Final DJs have a track. You can’t have a reMix competition with a Final DJs entry. But you have to admit they are literally top of their game. Nine times out of ten they blow all the competition away and with their take on Lifelike & Popular Computers tune they are once again in the top tier if entries. Rocking that vocoded vocal for all it’s worth and produce a future dance track that combines the driving power of the original with Final DJs melodic leads and atmospheric pads. Collins’ ‘Children Of The Sky’ reMix  mixes up a bit of Italo with a bit of Cosmic Disco to great effect and ends up sounding a bit like the theme tune to a late ‘70’s/early ‘80’s BBC children’s Sci-Fi’ series reworked for the dancefloor. Killer bassline! Tommy turns in a deep robotic bassline to go with the vocal which he layers with some inspiring pads and a shuffling beat. A real ‘80’s sounding SynthWave treat. Russian producer Lamet’s entry brings a rad ‘80’s Funk bassline to the track and works that through a retro SynthWave tune with hints of Jan Hammer.

♫ Lifelike & Popular Computer – Getting High (Final DJs reMix)

♫ Lifelike & Popular Computer – Getting High (Collins’ Children Of The Sky reMix)

Lifelike & Popular Computer – Getting High (Tommy reMix)

Lifelike & Popular Computer – Getting High (Lamet reMix)

Lifelike & Popular Computer’s ‘Getting High’ is out now.

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