[Download] Goldroom’s ‘Embrace’ reMixed by Kelek



We weren’t going to feature any more reMixes of Goldroom’s excellent Embrace. We love the song, we’ve loved one or two of the reMixes, but there’s too many now, it’s getting tedious. However, we haven’t heard from German  producer Kelek in a while, over a year actually, and his take on Embrace is actually significantly different, or at least different enough, that we’re giving it a one-time-only pass.

Kelek reMix is an energetic, Disco fuelled, retro Pop extravaganza. Rolling with a 80s Disco bassline and a smooth piano hook, this mix a breezy and fun. Immediately accessible, Ariela Jacobs vocals take on a new R&B twist when paired with Kelek’s vintage electronic Soul vibe. A bit New Wave-y, slightly French Touch-y, Kelek has done a sterling job of stamping his mark on the track. Check it out.

Goldroom – Embrace (Kelek reMix)

Goldroom’s Embrace EP is out now.

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Kelek reMixes Freedom Fry

Freedom Fry

Coming up right behind Starcadian’s amazing reMix of NYC Indie-Electro duo Freedom Fry’s Summer In the City, comes this mix from one of our favourite German producers Kelek. Where as Staracadian took a lush, urban approach to the track, Kelek goes all out 80’s Italo. No lazy, smooth electric pain here, this is aimed squarely at the dancefloor.

Kelek really knows how to work a melody, his reMix of Summer In The City works layers of synthesizer hooks into one powerful whole. A killer Italo bassline underpins the track, immensely energetic, providing a rock solid core for rich chords, sparkling leads and just the right amount of vocal to make this track a proper retro smash. Whereas Starcadian’s reMix was a chilled out, introspective vibe, this version of the track is all about dancefloor euphoria. It’s uplifting as hell, and catchy enough to stick in your heal all day.

Freedom Fry – Summer In The City (Kelek reMix)

Summer In The City  is out now.

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Goldroom & Kelek


OK, so this is the third reMix of Goldroom and Chela’s ‘Fifteen’ we’ve featured this week, I think we’re going to tone it down a little from here on in. From now on reMixes are going to have to be pretty fucking outstanding for us to feature them, not that we wouldn’t feature anything less, but y’know, the bar for being featured has just gone up.

But we’re really diggin’ this mix from German producer Kelek. We’ve featured a few of his reMixes before, we love his slick ‘80’s Italo sound. What he’s done here that has particularly captured out imaginations is, either by chance or design, change the rhythm of the chorus. Now, most of the time when rEMix do this it;s a disaster, producers miss the ‘breath’ on the first beat or something and throw the timing off in terrible ways. Kelek’s shift of the chorus actually works though, and works well. It give the vocals a lazy drawl which kinda’ ties into the hazy reminiscent vibe of the track. Add to that Kelek’s rolling electronic track with it’s laser pads and bright lead line, it successfully captures the heart of the track, but in a very different way to the original.

Goldroom (Feat. Chela) – Fifteen (Kelek reMix)

Goldroom’s EP is out now.

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Kelek; new tune and reMix for Pretty Boy Makes Rave


German SynthWave producer Kelek is back with a couple of new tracks. We’ve been keeping an eye on Kelek for a while now, ever since his standout entry in Fear Of Tigers’ ‘The Adventures Of Pippi Longstrump’ reMix competition last year he’s been impressing us. This week he drops a brand new original and a new reMix.

Kelek’s new tune, ‘Alaska’, as a laid back slick of smooth Dreamwave. A retro synthed bouncer that is made for cruisin’. Rolling along on a synth Funk bassline the track a slightly a lot of things. Slightly Italo, slightly Electro Boogie, slightly Tropical, and massively more of a chilled groove than Kelek’s previous works. It’s nice to see this smoother side to his productions, and to discover that he can work more than one sound. ‘Alaska’ is there for hot lazy days and good times. Kelek has also tackled Pretty Boy Makes Rave’s ‘Change’, bringing out his Italo side for the challenge. And it works too, his reMix of ‘Change’ is classic Italo with a bit of ‘90’s House piano thrown in for good measure and a twisting, infectious lead line. Kelek is really starting to step up his game, exciting things ahead!

Kelek – Alaska

Pretty Boy Makes Rave – Change (Kelek reMix)

Check out more from Kelek on SoundCloud.



You may remember us a while back raving about German producer Kelek’s entry in Fear Of Tigers’ ‘The Adventures Of Pippi Longsrump’ reMix completion. His entry was easily in our top three.

The man stopped by the electronic rumors Inbox to pimp out his latest tune, ‘Dinosaurs’, and it’s pretty awesome. There’s a nice little crossover going on between Italo, Dreamwave and Electro-House in this track, with the first minute lulling you into a retro synth sense of security before dropping some chainsaw leads on you, Kavinsky style. Supplying both the emotional experience of SynthWave and the in-you-face electronics of hard Electro, ‘Dinosaurs’ is an instant winner.

Kelek – Dinosaurs

Check out more from Kelek on SoundCloud.

Aduno So Tanie, Kelek & Dusty Digital enter the Pippi Longstrump arena


The cometition is really heating up in Fear Of Tigers’s ‘The Adventures Of Pippi Longsrump’ reMix wars.

Aduno So Tanie, Kelek & Dusty Digital are the latest two names to submit entries, both really high quality. Aduno has been featured on electronic rumors before and here brings a really glossy synth epic. Dreamwave in the truest sense of the word, this reMix doesn’t rely on kicking drums or a Disco bass to carry it, it merely soars along on intertwining layers of lush synths and uses the vocal sample in a way we haven’t heard before. Kelek’s take on the track is an awesome head on collision between mid-80’s ElectroPop and French Touch, with an almost New Order feel to it with a Nu-Disco sheen. Kelek really makes the track his own with a melody that will stick in your head. Dusty Digital bring more of a Disco flavour to the tune with a funky little lick running throughout.

Fear Of Tigers – The Adventures Of Pippi Longstrump (Aduno So Tanie reMix)

Fear Of Tigers – The Adventures Of Pippi Longstrump (Kelek reMix)

Fear Of Tigers – The Adventures Of Pippi Longstrump (Dusty Digital reMix)

All three are amazing works, if I had to choose one, gun to my head, I think the Kelek one would just take it.

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