Age Of Consent cover Tim Capello

Age Of Consent

Yes, you read that right, some has covered Tim Capello. OK people, we’re through the looking glass here. Tim Capello’s I Still Believe is one of the greatest songs ever written, I don’t think anyone has been brave enough to cover it up until now. Enter London Moody ElectroPoppers Age Of Consent. May god have mercy on their souls.

To be fair to them they have a good old crack at it. What their cover lacks in saxophone (boo!), it makes up for in ominous, dread-filled snyths and pounding drums (yay!). Age Of Consents version is actually quite cinematic (the original comes from he soundtrack o The Lost Boys), carrying with it an underlying sense of drama amidst the industrial hammerfall sounds and vintage SynthPop atmosphere. An impressive dark-dancefloor tune that’s just missing a sax solo.

Age of Consent – I Still Believe (Tim Cappello Cover)

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Two new tracks from Mental Minority

Mental Minority

One of Germany’s best SynthWave producers Mental Minority has not one, but two, new tracks for us. Both are something a little new form this guy, but still keeping the ‘80’s synth flavour. Two tracks, two moods, check them out.

So This Is For You is a drawn-back slice of synthesizer romanticism. Bringing the tempo down slightly and turning over the Italo beats and bassline to shimmering chords and bell-like chimes, Mental Minority crafts the kind of track that would hit the emotional beat in that ‘he finally gets the girl’ bit of an ‘80’s teen movie. These Old Photographs All Show Me Wearing Black is kinda’ a sentiment I can relate too as well as being a robo funk homage to the original Futurists. Channelling a bit of Kraftwerk and the likes of The Normal and Cabaret Voltaire Mental Minority has even added the hiss of old vinyl amongst the biting analog synths and cheap drum machine sounds. It;s a hunting Minimal Synth piece that just shows the depth of influences MM has, and how creative he can get with a synth.

Mental Minority – So This Is For You

Mental Minority – These Old Photographs All Show Me Wearing Black

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Violet Tremors reMixed by hardCORPS & Medora

Violet Tremors

Are hardCORPS tracks like busses? You wait decades for one then loads come along at once. It was only this week that an unreleased track from the ‘80’s pioneers surfaced (quickly followed by a couple more), and now that are on the reMix for our favourite ladies of Minimal Synth Violet Tremors. hardCorps’ Clive Peirce teams up with his Medora partner in crime Phen to take on the girls Future Love from their rad Time is The Traitor album of last year.

Future Love was actually one of our picks of the album and Peirce and Phen take the abrasive ElectroPop and smooth it over with an almost Dubby sheen. Reverb washed synthetic percussion and a rolling Dub bassline from the rock on which Jessica’s mantra crashes. the end result is very Cabaret Voltaire, that mixture of Experimental Dub influenced electronics and early SynthPop harsh deadpan delivery alongside otherwordly synths could have come straight out the early ‘80’s underground.

Violet Tremors – Future Love (Clive Pierce (hardCORPS & Medora) & Phen (Medora) reMix)

‘Time Is The Traitor’ is out now.

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Unreleased track from hardCORPS


Well here’s an interesting treat for a Tuesday morning. A previously unreleased track from legendary avant-garde SynthPop act hardCORPS. Bravo was a live staple for the band around the mid to late ‘80’s but never made it’s way to release.

From around 1986, Bravo, is a sublime, pulsating, slice of ‘80’s Futurism. A post-Industrial robotic march tempered by swelling, evocative, synth chords. The soundtrack to a dystopian metropolis, hardCOPRS have always blended a raw brutality with pure beauty. Regine’s vocals drift across the track like smoke curling through the city, guiding the listener through the musical dark alleyways. No-one really does futurism like this anymore, which is a pity. All-in-all this track has really made my day.

♫ hardCORPS – Bravo (Unreleased)

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Superlux’s ‘Tired Of You’


Released this month is the new single from Belgian Indie-ElectroPop collective Superlux. Tired Of You is the the outfit’s first release for quite  while, their Wildness & Trees album from 2007 was their last outing.

Kicking off like an avant-garde cover of The Human League’s Being Boiled, the track soon evolves into a haunting, Lo-Fi ElectroPop jam.  Superlux have a stripped down, raw sound that will go down well with the Minimal Synth crowd looking for something slightly less Gothy. The combination of elements in Tired Of You lend themselves to an almost old school EBM sound, maybe that’s the Belgian heritage coming through? the machine beats and rigid analog synths play nicely against the floaty female vocal. Not sure the guitar really adds anything though, probably best to leave that out.

♫ Superlux – Tired Of You

Superlux’s Tired Of You is out

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Purity Ring’s ‘Belispeak’ video

We first featured Purity Ring’s third single ‘Belispeak’ in august of last year. Now, with the imbuement release of their début album on (4AD no less!), they’ve put together a video for the track.

The 808 beats and warping synths mixed with Megan James’ epic vocal performance always needed is video with a large scale and this clip directed by BREWER, with some swampy cinematics has done the trick.

Purity Ring’s debut album ‘Shrines’ is in stores 24th July.

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Hunt In Pairs’ ‘Prayers’ video

‘Prayers’ is the second track from Minimal Synth act Hunt In Pairs, it;s a moody, introspective, Indie-tinged electronic track with a suitably avant-garde video.

Put together by the band themselves and is simple but effective. Haunting and always visually interesting and works beautifully in synchronisation with the track.

Check out more from Hunt In Pairs on SoundCloud.

Age Of Consent’s new video

London based retro ElectroPop outfit Age Of Consent’s new single ‘Heartbreak’ was released this week on their Bandcamp page for the cheap price of ‘whatever you want’.

It’s a stomping, powerful classic SynthPop track, check the video directed by Gareth Phillips for some retro video visual to go with that Depeche Mode/Nitzer Ebb pounding.

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College’s new mixtape


College – Every Single Time Mix = Valerie head honcho David Grellier A.K.A. College whips up a brand new mix with some really surprising, but very welcome elements. Xeno & Oaklander and Hyboid rubbing shoulders with Scratch Massive? Eclectic!

College – Every Single Time Mix

The tracklist:

01. Phochos – Glaciers
02. Ian Boddy – Pulse
03. Starcluster – Winter of Ice
04. Mistral – Jamie
05. Young Monday – Zaire
06. Scratch Massive (Feat. Jimmy Somerville) – Take Me There
07. Charles Lindberg N.E.V – Peinlich Peinlich
08. Terminal Twilight – The Lovers
09. Hyboid – Requiem For Hyboid
10. Xeno & Oaklander – Desert Rose
11. Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill

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Led Er Est’s new single

Led Er Est

New York’s leading Minimal Synth outfit Led Er Est’s new album, ‘The Diver’, will be out next month. Here’s the lead single ‘Kaiyo Maru’.

Minimal Synth it may be, but there’s nothing minimal sounding about ‘Kaiyo Maru’. It’s a rich, regimented slab of electronic melancholy. The vintage drum machine sounds in particular, a relentless march that underpins what is, for Led Er Est, quite a poppy track with a big ‘80’s Post-Punk chorus and a thick robotic bass.

Led Er Est – Kaiyo Maru

‘The Diver’ is released 8th March.

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