Jordan F’s ‘Under The Sun’


Another new track from Australia’s reigning SynthWave heavyweight champion Jordan F hit the streets this weekend. Certain corners of the SynthWave scene are unfortunately getting a bit bogged down, as quantity over quality rules and tracks are released unmastered, or mastered by a mate, or unfinished, resulting in a barrage of tinny, mid-range, half hearted productions that are a danger of drowning the cream of the scene. Luckily, Jordan’s tracks, mastered or not, always rise to the top as he takes his time with productions, allowing his natural talent, both musically and in production, room to shine.

Under The Sun is a reflective synth track. In a timely way it feels like a farewell to the summer. Which is appropriate, coming a couple of months after Jordan’s last track Bikini Girls. A mid-tempo tune, full of rich and deep synth sounds and dreamy melodies. Nostalgic, without out being sad. Pensive, without being depressing. Jordan’s emotional electronic music waves goodbye to the partying months and looks forward to next year. While you;re here, check out this reMix of Jordan’s Aurora, by Italian SynthWave newcomer Vincenzo Salvia, who delivers some piercing lead work and a multi layered sound.

Jordan F – Under The Sun

Jordan F – Aurora (Vincenzo Salvia reMix)

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Vincenzo Salvia’s new EP

Vincenzo Salvia

Italian SynthWave newcomer Vincenzo Salvia offers up the latest release on Future City Records. A new four track EP of some of the finest ‘80’s inspired synth that captured the very essence of the SynthWave scene yet manages to carve out a unique sound all of it’s own.

The Voyage EP kicks off with Midnight Breeze, a rockin’ slice of pounding Italo. The backing of this track is borderline Industrial EBM, marching machine gun beats and a relentless arpeggiated bassline power the track ever forward. But it’s not all hard hitting, this robot army backing track is tempered with some seriously beautiful playing. Salvia’s fingers must be a blur as he crafts, shimmering leads and soaring solos. Ocean Drive brings us closer to the rich ‘80’s movie soundtrack territory as Salvia lays down layer after layer of emotion synth work and melodies that ring out against sweeping cosmic pads. Seaside Cruise is, for us, the EP’s standout, and the track where Vincenzo Salvia indulges his Dreamwave side. Packed with feeling, this track really makes the synth come alive. It’s carefree, summery, nostalgic bliss. And not to be missed. The EP closes on it’s title track, Voyage. A perfect finale of ‘80’s synths, funky beats and uplifting melodies. We’ll definitely be keeping out eye on Mr. Salvia from now on.

Vincenzo Salvia – Voyage

♫ Vincenzo Salvia – Seaside Cruise

Vincenzo Salvia – Midnight Breeze

Vincenzo Salvia’s Voyage EP is out now.

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