Jupiter Gang’s new tracks


The mysterious Jupiter Gang has returned with two new tracks this week. The shades wearer had dropped a couple of massive slices of Electro Boogie. One new track and a reworked version of the tune that originally caught our eye.

The new tune is Starz, and all-too-short slab of massive Electro Funk. Bouncy digital bass and big ‘80’s R&B twisting hook. There are few who get this kind of retro Electro Soul right, and Jupiter Gang is easily one of them, he’s a robo funk master.  We’re really hoping that this gets expended into a full six minutes of head spinning amazingness. Eighties Sun Movers is an expanded and reworked version of Movers, a track we’ve posted previously. It’s a Moroder-esque Disco groove with hint’s of DiCola style soundtrack work. And sounding better than ever.

♫ Jupiter Gang – Starz

♫ Jupiter Gang – Eighties Sun Movers

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Jupiter Gang


The mysterious Jupiter Gang is another awesome surprise we’ve had in out SoundCloud dropbox this week. This is where we would normally write something about the artist, but we literally know fuck all about Jupiter Gang. Look, he’s got short hair, and shades, he’s a shades wearer! OK..on to the music.

If I had to guess something about Jupitergang, I would say he likes a bit of Moroder, like a bit of late ‘70’s electronic Funk and Disco, probably is into Keytars, and might have a fondness for funky electronic soundtracks of the ‘80’s such as the works of Vince DiCola. That’s what I get from ‘Movers’, a huge slab of synthesizer Funk with just the tiniest hint of SynthWave and the tiniest hint of Italo. ‘Moves’ powers along on it’s synth bassline like a funk juggernaut, aided by cheeky licks and lush retro chords and those staccato stabs that epitomise ‘80’s electronic Funk. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Jupiter Gang.

♫ Jupiter Gang – Movers

Check out more from Jupiter Gang on SoundCloud.