WAT & Frederic De Carvalho

WAT & Frederic De Carvalho

So, we’re definitely now allowed to call French ElectroPunkers WAT We Are Terrorists anymore, right? OK Then. That’s all in the past. Anyhoo, WAT have teamed up with fellow French electronic luminary Frederic De Carvalho to drop a brand new single on KIEZ BEATS next month.

KIEZ really are pushing to become the cornerstone of the SynthWave/Outrun scene these days (I think Rosso Corsa might have a thing or two to say about that?), even going so far as to release a record called Out Run. Have WAT & Frederic De Carvalho crafted the ultimate Outrun anthem? Almost. It;s a really good track, a driving Italo bassline runs throughout accompanied by stabbing synth chords. So, it’s called Out Run, it’s even got artwork by The Zonders! It ticks every SynthWave box, but we would say this falls more into the melodic end of the Electro-House arena than proper SynthWave/Outrun. Nonetheless, Out Run is an awesome track. A hypnotic, electronic, odyssey that conveys a uplifting sense of euphoria. It’s one to get lost in.

♫ WAT Vs. Frederic De Carvalho – Out Run

Out Run is released 10th September.

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FutureFlashs & KIEZ BEATS present DISCO 2022

Disco 2022

FutureFlashs & KIEZ BEATS are about to release their latest ‘Disco’ compilation, ‘Disco 2022’. The third in the series features some seriously massive synth Disco tunes from the past few months. Check out this minimix of the album and the tracklisting:

♫ DISCO 2022 Minimix

The tracklist:

01. Shake Aletti – Dancefloor (Russ Chimes` Dark Disco reMix)
02. The Magician (Feat. Jeppe) – I Don`t Know What To Do (Fabian reMix)
03. Louis La Roche – The Wall (Radio Edit)
04. Sohight (Feat. Cheevy) – Get It Right
05. Shindu – All In My Fridge (Radio Edit)
06. Final DJs – All I Need (Original Mix)
07. Gigamesh – When You`re Dancing (Moullinex reMix)
08. Keenhouse – The Summer Society
09. Trans-X – L.O.V. 2012 (FM Attack reMix)
10. Amtrac – Why You Look So Blue
11. Futurecop! (Feat. Captain Capa) – Is It A Crime
12. Mr. A & Something Good – B.A.B.E. (Lenno reMix)
13. Moullinex – Modular Jam (Justin Faust reMix)
14. Geyster – A Change For The Better (Louis La Roche Innovation)
15. The Outrunners – Running for Love and Money
16. ODahl – Hello Hello (Diamond Cut reMix)
17. Beaumont – Skyline (beaumont reMix)

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KIEZ BEATS new compilation, ‘Disco2021’ look like it’s going to be one of the albums of the year with ease.

The tracklisting reads like a who’s-who of the good and the great in Nu-Disco and Dreamwave. Just look at the tracklist below, this is going to be one of the best compilations ever (I say “one of”…stay tuned). Check out the minimix for a taste of the album, then buy it when it;s released tomorrow!

♫ Disco2021 Minimix

The tracklist:

01. Anoraak – Try Me (RAC reMix)
02. SGF1 – Castor Sugar (G.L.O.V.E.S. reMix)
03. Digikid84 – Lazy Lady
04. Worship – Find You (Justin Faust reMix)
05. Louis La Roché (Feat. Yann Destal) – My Turn  (Original Mix)
06. Flashworx – One More Night In Tokyo (Original Mix)
07. Labtracks – Robotic Love (Lenno reMix)
08. Short Circuit – How We Speak (Fabian reMix)
09. beaumont – Skyline (Leisure Council reMix)
10. Honom – Sebastians Birthday (ODahl reMix)
11. Minitel Rose – Continue (Anoraak ‘Lovecoast’ reMix)
12. Futurecop! – Raiders (Original Mix)
13. Clancy – 4000 Shards (Beaumont reMix)
14. AXXE – Sweet Stuff (Ride The Universe reMix)
15. ODahl – Dance Mama (Alfa reMix)
16. Rüfüs – We Left (SymbolOne reMix)
17. Joypopp – Volupte (Sferro reMix)

‘Disco2021’ drops tomorrow.

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