Garth Knight

Garth Knight

Garth Knight is a SynthWave producer from Glasgow. Named, of course, after Garthe Knight, the Hoff’s villainous doppelganger in Knight Rider. He’s been dropping a bunch of new track over the past few days that really have seen him upping his game. Is Garth Knight ready to go from SynthWave newcomer to SynthWave master?

This new crop of tunes thankfully eschew Knight’s previous tendency to slather everything in wailing guitar and sticks to everything that’s great about SynthWave. With a beautiful grasp of melody knight crafts synthesizer mood that effortlessly carry you along with them. Time the Healer is a perfect example of this. Haunting and subtly the moody Italo backing playing off against the more optimistic melody. Both the use of sound and the use of  melody in this track has a Jarre-esque quality to it and just shows how lilting SynthWave can be without loosing any of it’s toughness. City Streets brings things back to a rapid fire Italo place. This tune must be soundtracking some  high speed chase in a dystopian future, all flaying arpeggios and piercing synths fizzing, like rain on neon bulbs. Headstart makes for the best of both worlds, upbeat and poppy with a jump-up Italo bassline and some amazing playing with arpeggios. Garth Knight is definitely a name we want to hear more from in the future, just so long as he keeps a step back from the six-string.

♫ Garth Knight – Time the Healer

♫ Garth Knight – City Streets

♫ Garth Knight – Headstart

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