[Download] JBAG reMixes Mjolnir’s ‘Just A Boy’



So, you know we love our Indonesian bros Mjolnir, and you know we love out London bros JBAG, so the combination of the two is an exciting prospect indeed. Out soon on, one half of JBAG, Jerry Bouthier’s Continental Records is Mjolnir’s new single, Just A Boy, and as a war up; here’s JBAG’s lush, summery, Dub mix of the track.

JBAG lay out the dancefloor side of the tune thick. An immense wall of Tropical sounds and deep Funk grooves. A tidal wave of sunshine beats and uplifting snyths that crashed over you. I defy anyone to not move, even a little bit to this one. Frankly, if you don’t find yourself shimmying to Just A Boy, you may want to consult with your Doctor about possible paralysis or the atrophy of your fun gland.

Mjolnir – Just A Boy (JBAG Dub)

Check out more from Mjolnir on their SoundCloud.

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