Mjolnir reMixes Nidji


The best thing to come out of Indonesian since nutmeg, Mjolnir, are back with a fresh reMix. This time getting busy with Party Kids from Nidji, apparently one of Jakarta’s biggest acts. Nidji recently finished an album for international release and asked Mjolnir to reMix this track. Well, you would, wouldn’t you? If you’re one of Indonesia’s biggest Pop bands and have one of the slickest reMixing teams around on your doorstep, you use them. This was actually released in January, but went largely unnoticed, we presume, outside Indonesia. So thanks to Mjolnir for drawing out attention to it.

First off, ignore the terrible lyrics, English isn’t Nidji’s first language, they are forgiven. The lyrics to Party Kids are pretty poor though (not sure that’s going to help with the whole ‘international album’ thing), but the track is excellent. We’ve not heard the original, so there’s no comparison, but Mjolnir’s reMix is the flotiest of floaty Dreamwave. Lush analog synth work fills out the track with big retro chords and a bassline you can revel in. The subtlest of House piano brings the energy up, keeping this nostalgia party going. The lyrics may be cringe worthy, but the vocals themselves are pretty epic, and soar over Mjolnir’s bouncy backing. A true retro party starter, Mjolnir keep getting better and better.

♫ Nidji – Party Kids (Mjolnir reMix)

Party Kids is taken from Nidji’s album, Liberty Victory, out now.

Buy Nidji’s music from:


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