[Audio] Louis La Roché reMixes Public Service Broadcasting’s ‘Go!’



Released last week was the new single from one of our favourite live acts (even if we’re slightly less keen on record) around Public Service Broadcasting. Taken from their recently released The Race For Space album the single, Go!, features this stormingly retro reMix from the Disco master Louis La Roché. Eschewing his usual, more vintage Disco, flavour for some high-octane Italo and SynthWave; Louis takes us on frantic, funky ride. Strap in.

Rapid fire, nostalgic, goodness; La Roché’s reMix of Go! never let’s put with it’s intertwining arpeggios, rocking leads and a relentless 80s beat. Taking many cues from both mid 80s elector and the early SynthWave scene Louis takes the best of both worlds and mixes them up into an emotional, speedy, tune that is produced to perfection.

♫ Public Service Broadcasting – Go! (Louis La Roché reMix)

Public Service Broadcasting’s The Race For Space is out now.

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[Download] Louis La Roché’s ‘The Way She Makes Me Feel’


Louis La Roché

Nu-Disco producer Louis La Roché has been away for a while. It’s been almost a year since he released his last EP, Composure, and the man has spent the last twelve months holed up in the studio playing with sounds and moods. He’s about to release some brand new material in the form of the Dusty Cassette EP, which is due for release this week. As a precursor to the EP dropping, Louis has given away this extra track to give you a taste of what’s to come. Check out The Way She Makes Me Feel.

Giving late 80s Soul a funky dancefloor update, Louis lays down the law of his new EP. Gritty sounds, tape noise, old school vibes, Dusty Cassette really sounds like it will live up to it’s name. The Way She Makes Me Feel combines a classic R&B sound, with a little LA funk and a host of Nu-disco editing. The hazy result has got an almost Chillwave-y feel to it and is perfect Sunday listening. The EP should be interesting.

Louis La Roché – The Way She Makes Me Feel

Louis La Roché’s Dusty Cassette EP is released 19th August.

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[Audio] Irish Steph’s ‘Breathe’ (+ Ali Jamieson and Louis La Roché reMixes)


Irish Steph

Breathe is the forthcoming new single from seriously underrated Dubliner Irish Steph. Out at the end of the month on La Valigetta, the single is already getting spun by the likes of Madeon, Philippe Zdar (Cassius), Aeroplane, Justin Faust and Shinichi Osawa and deservedly so. When the release drops you can expect a bursting-at-the-seams reMix package from the likes of Blatta & Inesh, Joao Ceser, Stephane Deschezaux Ali Jamieson and Louis La Roché. Check it out.

Breathe bursts out your speakers with a siren drone before easing in a heartfelt vocal and a heavy bass groove.Walking the line between Nu-Disco and harder Dance sounds, Irish Steph delivers something that’s both a powerful dancefloor tune and something a little more cerebral. Robo vocals and layers of buzzing synths combine to create something strangely haunting amongst the pounding drums. Ali Jamieson takes the tracks Funk one step further, turning in a buoyant slab of Turbofunk, heavy on the vintage synth sounds and cosmic sweeps, revealing a gentler side to the original’s vocals. For the full-on Disco version of the track we turn to Louis La Roché who incorporates a bouncy bassline, the kind that can’t help but put a smile on your face, and uplifting keys in a twisting, galactic, mirror ball oddessy that, thanks to the vocals, doesn’t quite shake the original’s unsettling element. The whole package is pretty top quality. Mind-Disco.

♫ Irish Steph – Breathe

♫ Irish Steph – Breathe (Ali Jamieson reMix)

♫ Irish Steph – Breathe (Louis La Roché reMix)

Irish Steph’s Breathe is released 21st January.

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[Video] Louis La Roché’s ‘Kaboom’


Louis La Roche   Kaboom   YouTube

Here is the video for UK producer Louis La Roché’s forthcoming new single, Kaboom. It’s a boogie infused Disco-House tune that’s just deep enough, and just commercial enough, to do the business.

Hettie Griffiths and Rob Jarvis directed the clip which…well…see for yourself.

Louis La Roché’s Kaboom is out 6th August

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Aeroplane & Jamie Principle’s ‘In Her Eyes’


Aeroplane is shifting things into full steam ahead mode with his new label AeroPop. Finally, this week, the imprints inguinal release dropped, it’s a tune from Vito himself with Chicago House legend Jamie Principle on vocal duties.

In Her Eyes is perfect DiscoPop, loaded to bursting point with funky basslines, twisting leads and a smooth, catchy vocal. Amongst a star studded reMix package featuring an inescapable amazing Disco tinged House mix  from Tiger & Woods and work from Chopstick & Johnjon, sits this storming version from Mr. Louis La Roché. Probably the single’s standout reMix, Louis delivers a gritty Electro Disco with a soulful synth melody that soars above the track. Definitely the most uplifting tune of the package. In addition AeroPop are giving away this mix of the tune from Aussie Housemeister BeNi, who offers up a full-on House stompfest. Deep and irresistible.

♫ Aeroplane (Feat. Jamie Principle) – In Her Eyes (Louis La Roché reMix)

Aeroplane (Feat. Jamie Principle) – In Her Eyes (BeNi reMix)

In Her Eyes is out now.

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Louis La Roché reMixes Kate Bush

Kate Bush

We’ve been waiting for this track to drop for a while. Last month Nu-Disco genius Louis La Roché teased us with a snippet of his forthcoming reMix of Kate Bush’s classic Running Up That Hill, and we’ve been excited ever since. Well, now the man has dropped the entire track, downloadable for free, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Louis really captures the mood of the original, he doesn’t turn the track into some cheesy dancefloor number that merely uses the original as a springboard. He’s worked the track to be dancefloor friendly, but in a way that recreates the song in that context. Pulsating House bass and funky Disco rolls actually compliment Ms. Bush’s legendary vocals when in the hands of Louis La Roché. A respectful and addictive update to the song.

Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (Louis La Roché reMix)

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Louis La Roché reMixes Noisettes


Louis La Roché is back with a new reMix. This time the man has gone all Sci-Fi Disco with his version of Noisettes forthcoming single Winner. The track is taken from their new album Contact, both released later in August.

The reMix sees La Roché in a deeper, synthier, place that we have seen him before, and it works so well. Eschewing the originals Indie riffs for lush, Vangelis-esque synths and a low down digital groove. Turning the soulful vocal into the crux of a dark future epic, La Roché up the drama and tension of the track whilst keeping it funky in an almost Italo vein. Oh if Louis want’s to continue down this synthetic Disco route we’d be very happy people indeed.

♫ Noisettes – Winner (Louis La Roché Extended Mix)

Noisettes’ Contact is released 27th August.

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The Knocks & Fred Falke reMixed by Louis La Roché

The Knocks & Fred Falke

The Knocks & Fred Falke forthcoming Kitsuné released collaboration, Geronimo, is going to be huge. Released next month the entire single, the original and three reMixes, is packed with danceflor destroying work. Our favourite is probably the Lenno reMix, but coming a very close second would be this mix from Louis La Roché that premiered last weekend on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show.

La Roché’s mix heads straight into robo Disco territory. Bringing the Funk to the tune with intricate cut up chords and booming basslines. He really brought his A-Game to the reMix, and also got more into a big Electro frame of mind that we would expect from La Roché. The result being a three-way combination between La Roché’s funky Disco, Big room Electro and the original tracks epic, anthemic, qualities. This one’s going to be huge, but then the whole singe is!

♫ The Knocks & Fred Falke – Geronimo (Louis La Roché reMix) (Radio Rip)

Geronimo is out today on Beatport and available everywhere else on 23rd July.

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ComboStar’s ‘Free’


It looks like Parisian Disco duo ComboStar are back for good. After breaking back on the scene earlier this year with the hit and miss ‘Combostella’ EP, ComboStar finally re-find their groove with their new single, again on La Valigetta, ‘Free’.

Featuring Mani Hoffman (the voice if The Supermen Lovers’ classic ‘Starlight’) on vocals ‘Free’ is a big DiscoPop anthem that finds it’s core in squelchy synth Funk bass, a piano hook and a big, full vocal. Poppier than anything on the previous EP, this track has got breakthrough potential, and if that’s not enough the reMix package is pretty stellar. The ‘Club Edit’ of the original works in a little more dancefloor power, make the track even more epic while the singles lad reMix comes from Louis La Roché, who delivers a nice twisted Disco mix. Funk style synths join forces with some soaring lead lines for a heavy slice of Disco with a breezy sheen. Second Date take the track down a deep House route with a real warehouse vibe. It even makes the vocals sound a bit more Chicago. Timo Juuti & Hector 87 fill the huge French Disco quote on the single with an impressive five minutes of boogie which might be the records standout mix. It keeps the song itself intact, but incorporates it into a danceflor destroying slab of cut-up Disco. ComboStar may be about to put out the record to re-insert them into the minds of dance music lovers worldwide.

♫ ComboStar (Feat. Mani Hoffman) – Free (Club Edit)

♫ ComboStar (Feat. Mani Hoffman) – Free (Louis La Roché reMix)

♫ ComboStar (Feat. Mani Hoffman) – Free (Second Date reMix)

♫ ComboStar (Feat. Mani Hoffman) – Free (Timo Juuti & Hector 87 reMix)

‘Free’ is released 26th June on Beatport, 10th July elsewhere.

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Anniversary compilation from La Bombe

la bombe

Awww, isn’t it sweet. London’s La Bombe Recordings is turning the ripe old age of two. But rather than crying a lot and soiling themselves like most respectable two year olds, La Bombe is going to be releasing a compilation album to proudly show off what they’ve achieved since their inception and to give you a glimpse into the future.

The ten track record will feature five classics from the La Bombe back catalogue and five brand new tunes. We’ve feature quite a lot of La Bombe output in the past twenty four months here on electronic rumors, mostly from the funkier or more eclectic end of their roster, such as Blende and Douze who always give us something powerful and groovy. But when you want a flat out Electro banger La Bombe is definitely the place to go. Check out some of what to expect from this collection, including ‘Girls’ the new killer from Les Tronchiennes,  pleasingly titled ‘A Fistful of Boom’.

♫ Blende – One Sided (Louis La Roché Innovation)

♫ Douze – Go’

♫ Blende – Egypto

♫ Douze – Get Over You

♫ Les Tronchiennes – Girls

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