Vanguard’s ‘Calling U’


Short, but incredibly sweet, that’s what Welsh Nu-Disco duo VanGuard’s new track is.

So smooth, so retro, with such a powerful sound. The track is only two and a half minutes long but it crams an epic flow into such a short time. With a heavy rhythm section that powers the track along and is followed closely by those big retro chords, ‘Calling U’ is more Dreamwavey and less Nu-Disco than their usual tracks, more like their reMixes.  This is real ‘80’s movie soundtrack/Disco hybrid stuff. Simple, but very effective.

VanGuard – Calling U

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VanGuard Vs. Fred Falke

fred falke

The kings of Welsh Disco VanGuard drop a giant sized slab of funk with their reMix of Fred Falke’ Wait For Love’

‘Wait For Love’ is a track that had been knocking around, in one form or another, for a few years now and VanGuard give it that kick it needs to bring it to the dancefloors of 2011, in their hands the track, admittedly a French Touch classic, sounds bigger, stronger, and funkier.

Fred Falke – Wait For Love (VanGuard Vocal Edit)

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VanGuard reMix The Scientists Of Modern Music, again

The Scientists Of Modern Music

The Scientists Of Modern Music must have loved VanGuard’s last reMix for them so much, they’ve gone and got them back to work over their forthcoming new single.

The welsh Nu-Disco outfit have done another stellar job on the reMix. Their version of ‘Girl On Top’ is pure funky goodness. The percussion in this tune is crazy, and it’s what drives the track along and provides such an intense backing for VanGuard’s big, rounded, funk synths and soaring leads. Mix that up with The Scientists Of Modern Music’s slick Antipodean ElectroPop and you’ve got a cool glide straight to the dancefloor.

♫ The Scientists Of Modern Music – Girl On Top (Vanguard reMix)

‘Girl On Top’ is out soon.

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Shiny Disco Club’s Millennium Disco Vol 2!

artworks-000012385091-rt2idr-original (1)

We’ve been eagerly awaiting this for a while around these parts! Shiny Disco Club’s first ‘Millennium Disco’ compilation stayed on our playlist for months, it was crammed full of some of the best Nu-Disco around, but now, with volume 2, they really have outdone themselves.

It would be insane for me to go through all 24 tracks with you, suffice to say some of the hottest producers in Nu-Disco and Dreamwave have contributed works and the whole album is like the best summer beach party you’ve ever been to. The utmost respect has to be given to Shiny Disco Club for getting this lot together.

Did I mention it was absolutely free?

I’ll leave you to check out some of the sounds contained with in the compilation featuring the likes of Vanguard, ODahl, Mjolnir, Louis La Roché, Galactik Knights, Quinten 909, Viceroy, OH MY!

Vanguard – LeJeune

ODahl – Beautiful Love

Mjolnir – Yeah It’s You

Louis La Roché – Fake Tan

Galactik Knights – Escape

Quinten 909 – Magic

Viceroy – Unwind

Pick up the whole 23 track compilation in full quality right here.

Check out more from the Shiny Disco Club label on their SoundCloud.

The Scientists Of Modern Music & VanGuard

The Scientists Of Modern Music

Welsh Nu-Disco boys VanGuard have reMixed The Scientists Of Modern Music’s latest ElectroPop offering.

The single ‘Because If I die’ has been around for a couple of months now but VanGuard give it a new lease of life with their brand of twisted bass Disco. A touch of 80’s, a touch of LA Funk and loads of some of the most meticulously programmed Nu-Disco around with a feel for the dancefloor. That’s how VanGuard roll, add that to The Scientists Of Modern Music’s ElectroPop anthem and you’re onto a winner.

♫ The Scientists Of Modern Music – Because If I Die (VanGuard reMix)

‘Because If I Die’ is the first single from the album ‘A Personal Universe’, out now.

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New Strange Talk reMixes from Vanguard and Lightwaves

We have a couple of new reMixes from Australian Indie-Electropoppers Strange Talk’s awesome self-titled EP. Both of the track ‘Eskimo Boy’

First up is an absolutely killer Nu-Disco mix from Welsh duo Vanguard. Their storming version has a ton of funk and enough thick synth work and filtering to keep anyone happy. This is probably my track for the weekend! Meanwhile, Yes Giantess frontman Jan Rosenfeld’s Lightwaves moniker turns in a sweet, soaring, Dreamwavey. Both mixes really compliment an already rad track.

Strange Talk – Eskimo Boy (Vanguard reMix)

Strange Talk – Eskimo Boy (Lightwaves reMix)

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