[Download] ODahl’s ’37 Celsius’



It’s the season of giving; a fact that hasn’t escaped one of our favourite producers of Disco and House, Sweedish groovemeister Sweedish artists, ODahl. The man is giving away his latest tune that caps off a year where we’ve seen a little more of ODahl after a quiet stretch. Tunes like Your Love, released earlier this year on Pole Position, have been a bit of a constant in our headphones around these parts. Tuck in to his latest jam, 37 Celsius.

ODahl serves up a warm and involving deep sound on 37 Celsius. Blending several House disciplines into one comfortable whole, the Swede brings a little Deep, a little Bass, a little Chicago and a little Disco into  seven minutes of smooth-as-silk dancefloor gold. Vocal snatches pepper the track, building the atmosphere, whole ODahl’s solid beats keep the groove. Hold tight for the four minute mark where things get a tad warehouse.

ODahl – 37 Celsius

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[Audio] ODahl’s ‘Your Love’



This week; one of our favourite Sweedish artists, ODahl, released a brand new EP via Pole Position Recordings. Your Love is packed with four tracks of blissful Scandinavian Disco tinged House, the title track featuring the vocal talents of Frank H Carter III, and manages to effortlessly straddle both a club sound and something surprisingly Poppy. Check out the lead track.

Soulful is the best way to describe Your Love. ODahl serves up a plethora of slick House beats with a retro slant. Loads of warm synths, retro organs stabs and rumbling basslines come correct, creating a Garage-y vibe whist Carter lets rip with a smooth as hell, R&B vocal performance. these are the things Chicago was build on, and ODahl runs with it.

♫ ODahl (Feat. Frank H Carter III) – Your Love

ODahl’s Your Love is out now

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[Download] ODahl’s ‘Look Out Lauren’



Good times. ODahl’s back. The Sweedish master of Dreamwave and Nu-Disco turn his hand to some deep, pumping House with his latest tune, Look Out Lauren. ODahl’s release are too few and far between for our likening, but when does come along it’s usually pretty special, and Look Out Lauren is no different.

Playing with Lauren Hill’s vocals from, Doo Wop (That Thing), ODahl builds up a convincing tune and an utterly mesmerising multi-layered bass groove. While deep synths are flying all over the place a solid Chicago beat keeps things in place while the vocals, cut to perfection, inject the track with a little soul. A solid dancefloor weapon from the Robo-Disco Swede, made for either the club or the warehouse.

ODahl – Look Out Lauren

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[Audio] Pole Position release ‘50’


Pole Position Recordings

One of the countries finest Disco and House labels, Cardiff’s Pole Position Recordings has reached the big five oh. No not in years, in releases. And to mark their fiftieth release they have put together a storming compilation of some of the last couple of years highlights. But that’s not all, the album also contains four exclusive, brand new tunes from Honom, Dato, Deep Sound Express.

Encompassing everything the label stands for, slick Disco tunes, good-time vibes and hazy, dream synths alongside some hypnotic Deep House tunes the album is jam packed. The collection really shows off what a mental couple of years Pole Position have had, going from a new start-up to one of the scene’s staples and a mark of quality on any release. Just look at the line-up that includes the likes of Black Magic Disco, ODahl, Deep Sound Express & Raha, Final DJs, Phunktastike and MiDiMAN as well as tones more tunes from Satin Jackets, Sixth Avenue Express, Arcadis and more. We wish Pole Position all the best heading toward their century of releases.

♫ Black Magic Disco – Downtown (ODahl reMix)

♫ Deep Sound Express (Feat. Raha) – After Rain

♫ Final DJs – Moonshine (Phunktastike reMix)

♫ MiDiMAN – Dreams come true (Original mix)

Pole Position Recordings’ 50 is out now.

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GMGN & Dusty Digital

GMGN & Dusty Digital

Today Mozzarella Recordings drop their fifty-first (that’s right, fifty-first!) release. Passing fifty is quite a milestone for a label, so it’s nice to celebrate the occasion with something special scooping the catalogue number. MOZZ 051 comes courtesy of an artist we’ve been tracking for a while now, Dusty Digital, teaming up with GMGN for a a couple of deep SynthWave/House tracks and some killer reMixes.

The Starlite Paradise EP kicks off with two original tunes. Gotta’ Get Up opens the EP with a jump up House tune that immediately pushed the energy thought the roof. Revolving around a ringing Piano hook and a vocal sample repeated until it’s hypnotic, Gotta’ Get Up has all the trappings of a classic House tune. the EPs title track, Starlite Paradise, starts to push things into an almost Trancey arena, it may have a Disco-House groove, but much of this tune is pure Euphoric Trance. Dutch master Auxiliary Tha Masterfader provides a reMix of this tune. A sweeping SynthWave tune with hints of early Kavinsky and loads of lush vintage synth sounds. Gotta’ Get Up is tackled by ODahl who really brings the deep house flavour to the EP with stabbing synths an a low, square, House bassline which works perfectly with the diva vocal sample. Elsewhere on the EP you’ll find an alternate mix from Aux and Gotta’ Get Up as reMixed by Richard & Morris. A fine EP indeed.

♫ GMGN & Dusty Digital – Gotta’ Get Up

♫ GMGN & Dusty Digital – Starlite Paradise

♫ GMGN & Dusty Digital – Gotta’ Get Up (ODahl reMix)

♫ GMGN & Dusty Digital – Starlite Paradise (Auxiliary Tha Masterfader reMix)

GMGN & Dusty Digital’s Starlite Paradise is out today.

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Honom reMixed by Black Magic Disco


Released yesterday was the new reMix EP from Swedish outfit Honom. Collecting a whole bunch of top notch mixes together on one EP, Pole Position Recordings have dropped one of the Boogie EPs of the year.

Sebastian’s Birthday is a gliding track that is loaded with dancefloor promise. It’s a futuristic Disco track that combines Sci-Fi soundscapes with low down groove. Give that a slight Balearic flavour and your have a sunrise tune for the 23rd century. The standout of the reMix package, for us, have to be offerings from Black Magic Disco.  Black Magic Disco puts together a supremely funky deep Disco mix that rewards you with twisting Moog squelches and and infectious, and haunting, melody. There is no way you can listen to this tune and not move to the pounding synthetic bass.

♫ Honom – Sebastian’s Birthday (Black Magic Disco reMix)

♫ Honom – Sebastian’s Birthday (Original Mix)

The Sebastian’s Birthday reMix EP is out now.

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F3’s ‘Magnificent’


Hot on the heels, and we mean hot on the heels in the same month, as their last single Congo Bongo Tel Aviv production duo F3 are releasing Magnificent next week via Cardiff’s Pole Position Recordings. It’s already out on Beatport but hits other outlets on Monday with a reMix package chock full of awesomeness.

Magnificent is a blissful slice of Disco House. F3 mix up some mix House riffs and retro synths with a low-down dirty groove, but what really lifts this track is the suitably used vocal samples and the drifting, haunting saxophone. Washing in and out of the track amongst the 80’s riffs it really gives this track a smooth late-night feel. Our boy ODahl’s take on the track lifts the party mood as he drops in his trademark squelchy funk bass energetic lead lines. Dutchman Nathan Swiss also lends his weight to the reMix package by upping the Funk quota considerably. The Swiss reMix lays this a deep, complex Funk bassline and extra helpings of retro synth stabs. Featuring additional reMix work from Phunktastike and Matt Prehn, the whole single package is nostalgic summer grooves and deep sexy beats. Definitely one to play late into the night.

♫ F3 – Magnificent (Original Mix)

♫ F3 – Magnificent (ODahl reMix)

♫ F3 – Magnificent (Nathan Swiss reMix)

Magnificent is out now on Beatport, everywhere else on 30th July.

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ODahl gets soulful


ODahl has given us something truly soulful with his latest tune.

Loaded with Soul and Disco samples, that I couldn’t tell you where originated, ‘Soul Music’ works the vocals just as hard as the synths. Weaving Motown harmonies and vocal solos into the track, then layering them over his rich synth Funk, ODahl really proves himself to be at the top of his game, giving us something chilled and Funky in the process.

ODahl – Soul Music

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Shiny Disco Club’s Millennium Disco Vol 2!

artworks-000012385091-rt2idr-original (1)

We’ve been eagerly awaiting this for a while around these parts! Shiny Disco Club’s first ‘Millennium Disco’ compilation stayed on our playlist for months, it was crammed full of some of the best Nu-Disco around, but now, with volume 2, they really have outdone themselves.

It would be insane for me to go through all 24 tracks with you, suffice to say some of the hottest producers in Nu-Disco and Dreamwave have contributed works and the whole album is like the best summer beach party you’ve ever been to. The utmost respect has to be given to Shiny Disco Club for getting this lot together.

Did I mention it was absolutely free?

I’ll leave you to check out some of the sounds contained with in the compilation featuring the likes of Vanguard, ODahl, Mjolnir, Louis La Roché, Galactik Knights, Quinten 909, Viceroy, OH MY!

Vanguard – LeJeune

ODahl – Beautiful Love

Mjolnir – Yeah It’s You

Louis La Roché – Fake Tan

Galactik Knights – Escape

Quinten 909 – Magic

Viceroy – Unwind

Pick up the whole 23 track compilation in full quality right here.

Check out more from the Shiny Disco Club label on their SoundCloud.

New ODahl track


To celebrate 1000 likes on Facebook Mr. ODahl has dropped a brand new tune, for free!

‘She Gave Me Drugs’ is a bass heavy Disco monster with an uplifting, feel good, vibe. With this pure party starter ODahl rocks these sunny afternoons regardless of what’s going on. ODahl keeps the good times going.

ODahl – She Gave Me Drugs

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