Mjolnir reMix Strausz


Mjolnir are back! It’s been a while since we heard from this Indonesian trio of Nu-Disco gurus, but their latest reMix for, Brazilian artist Strausz, sows they have only spent their time getting better and better.

The original version of the track is, well, a bit weird. Big synths and various peices of ethnic instrumentation from various cultures in a mix mixing pot. But that’s why we have slick Disco remixes, right? And Mjolnir deliver 100%, with a bouncy bassline and Tropical chimes to set the scene and lush synths and a smooth ‘90’s House piano line to get the party going. This track is Tropical in the truest sense of the word, exotic percussion and floaty eastern melodies capture the imagination and transport you to a more  equatorial climate. Pure beach-party good times, with a nice not to the legacy of Chicago House music in there too.

♫ Strausz – Garoto Nacional (Mjolnir Dub Mix)

You can pick up Strausz’s whole ‘Garoto Nacional’ EP for free from here.

Check out more from Strausz on SoundCloud.

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