[Audio] Final DJs reMix Kovary’s ‘Black And Green’



Out this week is the new release from Hungarian producer Kovary. Teaming up with vocalist Tamas Morocz he’s released Black And Green, a big Disco-House tune that comes equipped with a loaded reMix package. In amongst that package you’ll find this gem from Germany’s Final DJs, who give the tack a 80s Buck Rogers Sci-Fi sheen.

Turning their SynthWave machine up to 11, Final DJs really deliver the huge, powerful, futuristic Disco grooves. Rocking along on an insanely funky synth bassline, the track is loaded to bursting point with lush sweeping synths, Disco pops and gritty leads. Balancing tough and funky nicely, Final DJs have delivered another storming tune.

♫ Kovary (Feat. Tamas Morocz) – Black And Green (Final DJs reMix)

Kovary’s Black And Green is out now.

Buy Kovary’s music from:


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