[Download] Final DJs’ ‘Teardrops’


Final DJs

Teardrops is the first new original tune from the newly solo Final DJs (yeah, we’re confused too, just try not to think about it) and it;’s really something you should pay attention too. Collaborating with British duo Frett, Final DJs have managed to serve up something quite original in a sea of sound-a-likes. Check it out.

There’s a lot of music around these days that takes it’s cues from 80s Sci-Fi soundtracks, and straight-to-video classics; but in a scene that is increasingly sounding nothing like it intends to as it fuels itself, Final DJs leans toward the Jarre end of the electronica spectrum whist delivering some authentic sounding soundtrack sounds. He brings the beat too, with a rumbling Disco groove running throughout. The vocal performance from Frett slips into the track with style, layering a passionate lament over the moody sounds. A track that bodes well for the future.

Final DJs (Feat. Frett) – Teardrops

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